What is work experience like at Hilti?

In the office and out in the field

Hilti work experience

Holly Jenkinson, a current college student, recently carried out work experience at Hilti HQ in Manchester. Here she tells us all about her experience and why she can see a future in engineering, both in the office and out in the field…

holly jenkinson work experience

I’m Holly, a problem-solver with strengths in Maths and Physics looking to pursue a career in engineering when I’m older.

Through work experience at Hilti, I wanted to gain an insight into the work that different types of engineers do daily to help me decide which particular field would be best for me. As Hilti is a global company, I knew that doing work experience there would give me the best opportunity to see a variety of engineering projects and find out what it is like to work on them.

I am hoping to undertake a degree apprenticeship in the engineering field as an alternative to university, as I find learning through hands-on experience much more enjoyable and effective than being taught in a classroom or lecture hall. I felt that the two days I spent at Hilti were really useful because it gave me an understanding into areas of engineering which I hadn’t experienced before, as well as allowing me to explore it both in the office and in the field.

In The Office

I spent the first day with Sebastiaan Groenhuijsen, Engineering Services Manager and his team. After an introduction from Sebastiaan giving me an overview of the kinds of projects they work on, Ali Muntaz, Support Engineer, taught me about anchor design and the factors which affect the choice of anchor for a project.

After lunch, he then gave me some scenarios and I used PROFIS Anchor to design solutions to these, which I then presented back to him and Sebastiaan. To finish the day, Umar Riaz, Senior Support Engineer, showed me some of the installation projects he had worked on, which I found really interesting.

In the field

I spent the second day visiting customers and sites with Mirjam Wrigley, one of the Field Engineers. The first customer we visited, she gave a presentation on anchors and how PROFIS Anchor could help them to design suitable fixings to hold up their signs.

After lunch, we visited some sites around the University area of Manchester. We were very kindly given a tour of the site for the new Arts and Humanities building for MMU, and it was great to see the things I had been learning about being put into practice.

hands-on experience

I would really recommend work experience to anybody who is trying to find the perfect career path for them, as it gives an honest insight into daily life in that particular role. I think the best way to find out whether a job is right for you is to experience it first hand and a work experience placement means that you can do this without a long-term commitment – the best of both worlds essentially.

Although I enjoyed it all, I think my favourite part was visiting the customers, as I found it very interesting to see the different types of projects they were working on. Therefore, I think I would really enjoy working with clients to design effective engineering solutions in the future.