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MT System

A single seamless solution for your installation requirements

Easy to design and simple to assemble, Hilti’s MT system is the only answer you’ll ever need for virtually all your installation support structures. Whether you are planning MEP installations such as pipe and ventilation supports, or cable tray supports, access platforms and integrated floors, you’ll need just one versatile, lightweight, and highly efficient MT system.

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Introducing the HUS4 Screw Anchor

Taking screw anchors to the next level

The new Hilti HUS4 screw anchor improves setting in the toughest concrete conditions while keeping ultimate performance making installation even faster. 

  • Robust: Easier handling and setting with less blocking thanks to reduced core diameter and new thread design. Use your drill bit for more fastening point than ever before!
  • Adjustable, Removable, Reusable: Can be reused more times and has higher performance in fresh concrete compared to standard screws.
  • Faster Installation: 2x faster installation vs. regular stud anchors. No cleaning and no torque moment required!
TE 3000-AVR

TE 3000-AVR (03)

Our most powerful demolition hammer just got stronger

Weighing just 27kg but on-par with 45kg pneumatic breakers, Hilti’s new TE 3000-AVR (03) electric demolition hammer is both lighter and stronger than ever. With all of the advantages of an electric tool, there’s no need for fuel, a compressor or frequent maintenance – saving you plenty of money in the long run. Improved AVR gives workers even less exposure to vibration, making it safer and more comfortable to use. Not forgetting the detachable cord, “power-on” indicator and third handle – all of which improve the experience. The perfect tool for any kind of heavy floor demolition, especially indoors and in confined spaces.

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Improved robustness for enhanced productivity

Hilti’s new and improved TE-CX drill bit continues to be the best drill bit on the market, but with even more features that take its performance to the next level. PGM and ANSI compliant and covered by the Hilti Warranty, the TE-CX is 4x more robust than its predecessor when drilling into reinforced concrete, as well as boasting 40%+ more drilling performance in rebar.

The new head material gives you higher wear resistance, whilst the head-helix connection ensures effective dust extraction for faster drilling. Combined with the unique Temperature-Controlled Resistance welding and the patented ultrasonic shot peening technology, the drill bit has a high degree of mechanical robustness and breakage resistance.

DWS 225

DWS 225 Drywall Sander

More comfort, less dust

With superior ergonomics, class-leading dust control and unmatched service offering, Hilti’s new DWS 225 orbital drywall sander is the ideal tool for smooth finishes on drywall. The DWS 225 is a lightweight, long-neck sander with an ergonomic design, better balance and nearly 180° head flexibility - giving you the comfortable control you need when sanding walls, ceilings and corners. When paired with Hilti’s mesh net sanding discs, experience virtually dust-free sanding which help increase safety, keep you working and boost productivity for perfect finishes.

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MP-U-G Pipe Rings

The ultimate solution for controlled pipe expansion

Hilti's new MP-U-G pipe rings are perfect for plastic and AI-composite pipe size up to 160 mm.

Improved welding process gives a higher loads capacity and new hinge design allows a wide opening and swiveling for unhindered pipe insertion. 

Complete with sound reduction inlay up to 22dB(A) and updated clip geometry for full flexibility, the MP-U-G is the ideal solution for wastewater and heating applications.

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PM 2-LG and PM 2-PG lasers

Green lines for higher visibility

The new PM 2-PG point laser and PM 2-LG line laser offer increased visibility thanks to the green laser that gives you sharp and crisp lines at longer distances.

The PM 2-PG in particular has a locked pendulum that prevents internal damage and extends the lifetime of the tool, as well as an attached magnetic foot that easily snaps to metal profiles for drywall applications.

Whilst the PM 2-LG boasts a slope mode and a line that starts close to the front of the laser for easier vertical alignment.

Hilti Smart vacuums for every jobsite

VC 20-X and VC 40-X

Smart vacuums for every jobsite

Introducing the new VC-X vacuum cleaners – the VC 20 and VC 40. Both models come with an upgraded interface that tells you the live status of the filter and container capacity, as well as giving you a hose diameter selector to suit different tools. The vacuum cleaners also come with bungee cords and additional storage bags, allowing you to store cables, hoses, accessories and tools and move around a jobsite easily and safely! And thanks to AirBoost adaptive automatic filter cleaning, it’ll only clean the filter when it needs to – maximising its lifetime and keeping you safe while you work.

With its narrow and lightweight design, the VC 20 is the most compact vacuum cleaner of its kind on the market – making it perfect for carrying around jobsites. Or, for easier transportability with larger container capacity, opt for the VC 40 with its integrated push-bar and large, sturdy wheels. 

New Air Cleaners for dust removal on site

Complete your dust control strategy with Hilti Air Cleaners

Even with the best dust removal system there is always a chance for dust to escape into the air. Remove excess dust particles from the air with the latest Air Cleaners from Hilti, the AIC 1000 & AIC 2000. Pair with your vacuum for additional safety to ensure the reduced risk of dust-related health issues for workers. The AIC models significantly reduce the spread of dust in the environment you’re working in, meaning less dust settles reducing the amount of cleaning up needed after a job too - saving not only clean up time but also significantly less risk of fines and jobsite closures!

DX 6 Direct Fastening Tool Application

DX6 Powder-actuated fastening tool

The one to get it done!

Introducing the new DX 6 powder-actuated fastening tool – our simplest and most versatile direct fastener yet! With one all-purpose cartridge that suits a variety of applications, you can say goodbye to loading and unloading different strips for every job. And thanks to Active Power Control, the front-facing regulation wheel is perfectly situated for quick and easy power selection.

With one button disassembly and service insights sent straight to your phone via Bluetooth, maintaining and cleaning your tool is a piece of cake.

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New generation stainless steel brackets

With high thermal performance and optimised design, our new versatile, easy to install façade mounting brackets are a great new addition to our portfolio. Say hello to faster installation, labor saving clip and extra pre-drilled holes (fixed and sliding points) to help lower your total cost of installation. These brackets come with multiple fastening options and can be installed using suitable anchors, screws or direct fastening.

Part of a total system solution from Hilti, with optimised tools, consumables and services for every step of ventilated façade installation. Find out more below!

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