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Smart vacuums for every jobsite

Introducing the new VC-X vacuum cleaners – the VC 20 and VC 40. Both models come with an upgraded interface that tells you the live status of the filter and container capacity, as well as giving you a hose diameter selector to suit different tools. The vacuum cleaners also come with bungee cords and additional storage bags, allowing you to store cables, hoses, accessories and tools and move around a jobsite easily and safely! And thanks to AirBoost adaptive automatic filter cleaning, it’ll only clean the filter when it needs to – maximising its lifetime and keeping you safe while you work.

With its narrow and lightweight design, the VC 20 is the most compact vacuum cleaner of its kind on the market – making it perfect for carrying around jobsites. Or, for easier transportability with larger container capacity, opt for the VC 40 with its integrated push-bar and large, sturdy wheels. 

Hilti Smart vacuums for every jobsite


Dust is generated throughout the construction process, so why should you care about the impacts of dust?

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The new DX6 Powder-actuated fastening tool

The one to get it done!

Introducing the new DX 6 powder-actuated fastening tool – our simplest and most versatile direct fastener yet! With one all-purpose cartridge that suits a variety of applications, you can say goodbye to loading and unloading different strips for every job. And thanks to Active Power Control, the front-facing regulation wheel is perfectly situated for quick and easy power selection.

With one button disassembly and service insights sent straight to your phone via Bluetooth, maintaining and cleaning your tool is a piece of cake.

DX 6 Direct Fastening Tool Application

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Petrol saws that stand the test of time

Our brand-new DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X petrol saws are safer and more robust than ever before. They’re both fitted with an almost unbreakable starter rope that heavily decrease maintenance meaning reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

The new air filter gives you significantly higher filtration efficiency, which – combined with the new cylinder coating – enhances wear resistance for added durability, increased tool life time and less repair. And because the vibration level has been reduced by up to 25%, there’s less risk of workers developing harmful disorders like HAVS.

DSH petrol saw application on jobsite

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Boost productivity with innovative fastening solution

Our bestselling façade system is now even better thanks to the FOX-V pre-assembled wall bracket. With a specially-designed handle, clever markings and a pre-assembled isolator, installation is easier, faster and more accurate than before – boosting productivity throughout your jobsite. And with one bracket that’s suitable for all base materials and façade cladding, it offers complete versatility whether you’re fastening to wood, steel or concrete. 

FOX V wall bracket

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RE 500 V4

Continuing the rebar revolution

The new RE 500 v4 mortar is the ideal solution for challenging post-installed rebar and structural baseplate applications. Not only is it a best-in-class mortar with unmatched performance, it’s also our first epoxy mortar with an ETA approval under “Beyond Cast-In” (TR069) design. RE 500 v4 is the upgraded version of our well-known RE 500 v3, maintaining all previous approvals with even better performance.

RE 500 V4

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Designing firestop just got easier

With our recently updated BIM design service, you can now incorporate firestop solutions into the design phase of your project. By detecting trade clashes early, you can swap on-site improvisation for reliable and optimised fire protection systems. Innovative solutions, such as preformed and cast-in fire protection devices, can also be added to your BIM model – enabling easy inspection and reducing the risk of costly delays.

BIM design

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PM 20-CG

The new generation of combi-lasers

There’s something for everyone with our new portfolio of PM 20-CG green combi-line lasers. Choose from the AA version for normal and price-sensitive users, the 12V version for heavy-users & customers who require an extended runtime, or the CGE version for added precision when working on critical applications such as elevator installation. 

Hilti Diamond Grinders

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Keeping your tools secure at height

Say hello to our new tool tethers, designed to keep your tools safely attached to an anchoring point when working at height. The self-locking carabiner makes it easier to operate with one hand and prevents accidental opening, whilst the shock-absorbing bungee tether helps to protect tools if they’re dropped. Use the medium-duty tether with a retaining strap for tools weighing up to 6.8kg, or opt for the heavy-duty tether for tools up to 11.4kg.

Tool tethered while working overhead

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Higher loads, more flexibility, better productivity

The new MP-U-I pipe ring has been developed for medium-duty applications, with improved welding and an optimised metal bow for higher loads. Not only does the wide opening make pipe insertion easier, but the new sound reduction inlay and soft core improves sound insulation significantly. Closing and reopening the pipe ring is faster and more reliable too, boosting jobsite productivity. With a gapless clamping range all your needs will be covered!

MP-U-I pipe rings being used in application

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New SDS max drill bits

Our new and improved TE-YX SDS max drill bits offer unmatched performance in all diameters. Boasting full YX technology (helixes and carbide heads) and up to 30% increased lifetime in rebar, our smaller diameter (12-16mm) and larger diameter drill bits can withstand rebar hits like no other drill bits on the market.

TE YX drill bit in use

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Our ultimate, extended portfolio

Introducing our new ultimate range of impact-ready step drill bits. Supporting you with great versatility in drilling and enlarging holes in metal (including stainless steel), our new ultimate range comes with an AITiN coating which gives you 5x the lifetime in steel.

Stepper bit in use

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Discover Hilti SMART Delivery Subscription Service

Affordable and flexible deliveries to suit your business

At Hilti, we understand that customers have different needs based on order frequency, shipping destination and speed of delivery. We also know how important it is to be able to manage variable costs. To help with this, we’ve created Hilti Smart, our new shipping subscription service which provides the benefit of unlimited delivery based on your selected subscription tier.

We offer two subscription options: Smart Standard and Premium, based on your desired shipping speed and location of delivery. It’s easy to get started. Simply choose which of our subscription options meet your needs and enjoy the benefits immediately upon signing up. If you find that you no longer need the service, you can cancel at any time.

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