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Introducing the HUS4 Screw Anchor

Taking screw anchors to the next level

The new Hilti HUS4 screw anchor improves setting in the toughest concrete conditions while keeping ultimate performance making installation even faster. 

  • Robust: Easier handling and setting with less blocking thanks to reduced core diameter and new thread design. Use your drill bit for more fastening point than ever before!
  • Adjustable, Removable, Reusable: Can be reused more times and has higher performance in fresh concrete compared to standard screws.
  • Faster Installation: 2x faster installation vs. regular stud anchors. No cleaning and no torque moment required!
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New DD 250-CA

Introducing a new level of communication between you and your tools!

We want to take the hassle out of diamond drilling and now we’ve made it easier than ever. With a robust design, high performance and durability the new DD 250-CA is here to take over from the DD 250. 

The digital display guides you in your application and includes access to detailed usage statistics so you can keep an eye on drilling times, applied force, drilling direction and gears. Complete with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect to the WMS 100, ON!Track App, Auto feed unit and use reporting on the app to troubleshoot, monitor productivity and tool data. 

That’s not all, the DD 250-CA comes as a part of a new series of products including auto feed unit and stand. 

dd250-ca diamond drilling

DD 150 Diamond Drilling System

The DD 150 is a versatile and robust diamond coring machine that you can use hand-held or rig mounted, completely connected via Bluetooth. Perfect whether you’re drilling in concrete for pipe penetrations, masonry for plumbing, heating or air conditioning – it’s got you covered. We have made it even easier with a new auto feed unit that does the drilling for you.

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VC 20-X and VC 40-X

Smart vacuums for every jobsite

Introducing the new VC-X vacuum cleaners – the VC 20 and VC 40. Both models come with an upgraded interface that tells you the live status of the filter and container capacity, as well as giving you a hose diameter selector to suit different tools. The vacuum cleaners also come with bungee cords and additional storage bags, allowing you to store cables, hoses, accessories and tools and move around a jobsite easily and safely! And thanks to AirBoost adaptive automatic filter cleaning, it’ll only clean the filter when it needs to – maximising its lifetime and keeping you safe while you work.

With its narrow and lightweight design, the VC 20 is the most compact vacuum cleaner of its kind on the market – making it perfect for carrying around jobsites. Or, for easier transportability with larger container capacity, opt for the VC 40 with its integrated push-bar and large, sturdy wheels. 

Hilti Smart vacuums for every jobsite

New Air Cleaners for dust removal on site

Complete your dust control strategy with Hilti Air Cleaners

Even with the best dust removal system there is always a chance for dust to escape into the air. Remove excess dust particles from the air with the latest Air Cleaners from Hilti, the AIC 1000 & AIC 2000. Pair with your vacuum for additional safety to ensure the reduced risk of dust-related health issues for workers. The AIC models significantly reduce the spread of dust in the environment you’re working in, meaning less dust settles reducing the amount of cleaning up needed after a job too - saving not only clean up time but also significantly less risk of fines and jobsite closures!

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The new BX 3-SCT will replace the DX 450-SCT making early testing of sprayed concrete propellant-free. Sprayed concrete (or shotcrete as it’s sometimes known in the industry) must be tested for safe usage and the new combustion-free operation is perfect for use in enclosed spaces with no powder cartridges to store and dispose of. The BX 3-SCT is also part of the 22V range, using the same batteries as other Hilti 22v tools, for easier integration into your tool park. 

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PS-85 Wall Scanner

User-friendly wall scanner with innovative technology

The new PS-85 is an easy-to-use wall scanner and object locator for hit prevention when drilling or cutting in multiple base materials. Versatile and user-friendly, the PS-85 wall scanner helps you avoid damage caused by drilling in the wrong place. With innovative pulsed radar technology combined with magnetic induction and AC sensor technology, it’s perfect for object detection and classification. You can use the PS-85 on different base materials with a unique mode selection for special base material such as hollow brick, drywall, or new concrete. 

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New Multiline Jigsaw Blades

Find the right blade for your job easily

The Hilti jigsaw blade portfolio is now part of the Multiline family. We’ve made it easier than ever to help you find the right blade for your needs whether that’s working with wood, metal or special applications in materials like fibre, plaster, plexiglass or even tiles. Whatever the application, and if its performance, precision or speed your looking for, Hilti Jigsaw blades have you covered!

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Carbide Burrs

Discover our new Carbide Burr inserts for use with the GDG 6-A22

Whether you’re removing weld, enlarging holes or preparing pipes for welding, our new Carbide Burrs will be the perfect accompaniment when using the GDG 6-A22 cordless die grinder.

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DX6 Powder-actuated fastening tool

The one to get it done!

Introducing the new DX 6 powder-actuated fastening tool – our simplest and most versatile direct fastener yet! With one all-purpose cartridge that suits a variety of applications, you can say goodbye to loading and unloading different strips for every job. And thanks to Active Power Control, the front-facing regulation wheel is perfectly situated for quick and easy power selection.

With one button disassembly and service insights sent straight to your phone via Bluetooth, maintaining and cleaning your tool is a piece of cake.

DX 6 Direct Fastening Tool Application


Petrol saws that stand the test of time

Our brand-new DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X petrol saws are safer and more robust than ever before. They’re both fitted with an almost unbreakable starter rope that heavily decrease maintenance meaning reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

The new air filter gives you significantly higher filtration efficiency, which – combined with the new cylinder coating – enhances wear resistance for added durability, increased tool life time and less repair. And because the vibration level has been reduced by up to 25%, there’s less risk of workers developing harmful disorders like HAVS.

DSH petrol saw application on jobsite


Boost productivity with innovative fastening solution

Our bestselling façade system is now even better thanks to the FOX-V pre-assembled wall bracket. With a specially-designed handle, clever markings and a pre-assembled isolator, installation is easier, faster and more accurate than before – boosting productivity throughout your jobsite. And with one bracket that’s suitable for all base materials and façade cladding, it offers complete versatility whether you’re fastening to wood, steel or concrete. 

FOX V wall bracket