How to support circularity

Hint: As a Fleet Management customer, you're already participating

Circularity is a crucial part of your sustainability journey because it focuses on generating maximum value from a minimum use of raw materials and resources. That's better for the environment, our society – and your business.

We've already laid the foundations for a functioning circular economy through services such as Fleet Management. We can help your business reduce resource consumption while streamlining your operations. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

27 %

of a Hilti tool's mass is recycled material vs. 8% global average
We're reducing raw virgin material use by increasing the amount of recycled steel and plastic in our products.

27,827 ~

tools, batteries and accessories were collected by Hilti in 2021
Support circularity by letting us collect your expired tools for free. We'll find ways to reuse or recycle them.

80 %

of all collected material was recycled for material reuse
We're constantly improving our recovery rates thanks to innovations in sorting and processing technology.

123 tons

of material was extracted through recycling
We're working to ensure high levels of steel, copper and aluminum re-enter international commodity cycles.

Reduce Wasteful overbuying

Now you can do more with less

Fleet Management helps ensure you have only the equipment you need. And with ON!Track, our asset management software, you can identify idle or lost assets as you move from project to project.

You'll always get high-quality tools that last longer, and our local repair centers work to extend their lives even more. If your tools are still productive at the end of the agreement, you decide if you want to extend their contract.

Waste not want not

We'll reuse what you no longer need

It's a seamless process: We'll collect them from you for free, wherever you are in the world. We'll even take our competitors' tools and batteries. Please note that this service is only available to Fleet Management customers.

But what happens to them? Some tools that are functionally equivalent to new join our inventory of loan tools, offsetting the need to manufacture and transport new equipment. Components that meet our high-quality standards can be reused by our repair centers. Whatever's left goes to our recycling partners.

Recycle virtually indefinitely

What we can't reuse, we'll try to recycle

Tools or components that can't be reused are handled by our audited global recycling partners.

We take responsibility for our products throughout their lifetime. Much of a typical tool's mass is high-quality metals that can be recycled virtually indefinitely for various applications, and though we achieve a high level of non-thermal recycling in our markets, we're continuing to work with our recycling partners to increase yield even more.

More sustainable together

By aligning on sustainable business strategies, we can prioritise the health of our environment, our people and our society alongside economic factors.

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Simplify fleet administration

Streamline financial planning with Fleet Management. A fixed monthly fee covers all your tools including their use, service and repair costs.

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Improve equipment management

Gain greater control over your inventory by using Hilti's digital solutions for managing your equipment and optimizing your tool crib.

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