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Tool inserts

See how our power tool inserts are designed to work faster, harder and longer: drill bits, chisels, core bits, abrasives and saw blades

Hilti tool inserts

Inserts and accessories

An extensive range for every application

You'll always need a different type of consumable depending on the application. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate performance in a challenging situation or a reliable product for everyday applications, you’ll find what you need in our comprehensive range. So, how do you choose the right consumable for you?

Choosing the right insert for the job

Choose the right insert for your drilling or driving application

Choosing the right drill bit for a job is normally easy. But what do you do when you have non-standard screws, tough materials or limited space to work in?

Drilling a hole is one of the basic tasks in construction, manufacturing, and other skilled trades. Although it may seem as simple as putting a hole into a piece of metal, several factors influence the quality and effectiveness of the drilled hole, including:

  • Rotational speed (RPM) of the tool
  • Amount of pressure applied when drilling
  • The type of base material being drilled
  • The type of drill bit (insert) being used

Together these factors ensure the hole is suitable for performing the purpose for which it was designed. Arguably the most important consideration of all the above is the selection of the right drill bit. To help you find the right one every time, we provide a variety of specialty drill bits, depending on the type of hole needed, the material to be drilled, and the desired appearance of the finished piece.

Three lines of consumables – Easy to choose!

Three colors, three performance levels, three price points – all under one brand that means quality you can rely on. We’ve made it simple to understand at a glance the differences between the product lines for all our consumables. Our three-line approach with consistent names and colors across all product categories, makes it easy to choose the right insert, fastener, fixing, foam or other consumable you need.

Ultimate performance for demanding applications


  • Ultimate performance for demanding applications
  • Highest overall productivity and safety benefits
  • Highest reliability in toughest conditions
  • Complemented by world-class engineering and software support
Premium performance for a wide range of applications


  • Premium performance for wide range of applications
  • High productivity through Hilti system solutions
  • Impressive versatility and reliability
Hilti quality at echonomical price


  • Hilti quality at economical price
  • Standard solution for non-engineered applications