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Add value to your project with technical advice, dedicated onsite support, and integrated services from Hilti Projects

Operating across many parts of the UK, the Hilti Projects division can support you directly on the jobsite from design in the conceptual phase with BIM to supporting your team's continuing professional development with dedicated training.

Recieve bespoke product and service recommendations, firestop installation and technical advice, anchor testing, and demonstrations on all of our product lines.

Add value to your project, contact our dedicated project division today.

How Hilti Projects can support you

Demonstrated experience

Benefit from our over 80 years in construction and proven track record of innovation and research and development. 

Trade-specific solutions

From building construction to interior finishing, firestopping to health and safety solutions. Whatever your challenge onsite, Hilti Projects can find the right contact for you. 

Optimise productivity

Our projects team can help optimise your workflow to ensure you're working as productively as possible and avoid costly downtime with our health & safety orientated solutions. 

Total project support

Enjoy dedicated project support ranging from upfront design in 3D modeling software to assistance in the construction phase.

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Our project specialists collaborate with you to ensure you get the best onsite solution

At Hilti Projects our goal is not simply to sell you more, but to find the solution that best fulfills your needs onsite to ensure you are fully compliant and operating as efficiently as possible.

Across all trades from building construction to interior finishing to facade, Hilti projects can visit you onsite to assess your needs and deliver the solution that best fits your business.

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Firestop Support

Ensure your applications are firestopping compliant with Hilti Projects

Have a complex firestopping application or a project you need to ensure is compliant? Our projects team can conduct a thorough site inspection and advise on how to achieve the best solution for your project, which fulfills the necessary fire ratings.

Onsite Anchor Testing

Ensure your anchors are suitable for the application with onsite testing

Need to ensure your Hilti anchor is suitable for your application? Our projects team has extensive knowledge of our anchors and can advise on the best anchor for your needs. Depending on the size of your application, Hilti can validate and document the installation of your Hilti anchors with onsite anchor testing.

DSH petrol saw application on jobsite


Hilti Projects can help optimise your design with BIM and end-to-end planning

How Hilti can optimise your project using BIM:

  1. Framework: Set a clear starting point, slicing the project into conceptual, yet optimised, solutions.
  2. Design: Evolve the concepts into design proposals, defined by engineering reports.
  3. BIM modelling: Add the designed supports directly into your BIM model and report any issues that may need re-design.
  4. Output: For a smoother transfer of the design from the office to construction on the jobsite.
With our BIM services you can get a clear picture of your project and tackle the challenges you are likely to face from the conceptual phase, from your firestopping requirements and MEP supports to pre-frabicated support systems. Integrate and optimise your project today with Hilti BIM services. 

Product Demos

Something caught your eye?

At Hilti we are happy to meet you onsite to give an in-depth product demonstration and show you first hand the benefits of our tools and services, as well as getting your hands on the products.

Get in touch today to arrange a demo.

Direct Fastening Operator Training

Receive training for direct fastening online. Or contact us if you need onsite training with an AM or Hilti Projects

Operate your direct fastening tools more safely, comfortably and productively.

Our online training program is designed for all construction professionals who want to get a better understanding of the fundamentals of direct fastening and how to operate Hilti direct fastening tools more safely. We can also conduct onsite training for certain applications, please contact us in this case.

What is direct fastening? Our BX (electric), DX (powder-actuated), and GX (gas) tools are nailers designed to boost your producitivity onsite. Fix drywall track, fasten materials such as wood and metal to concrete, fix drainage foils and membranes to concrete, fasten cables, conduits, light electrical installations, and more with our fastening systems. Do it safely and securely with our online or onsite training!

Contact Hilti Projects

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Information specified is needed to best serve your request, to call us instead please use number 0800 886 100 and specify you require project support. 



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Have a technical question? Post on our dedicated forum for technical queries! From anchors to firestop design and more.

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