Inclusion Statement

Hilti is committed to a working climate in which all employees are treated fairly and with dignity and respect. Through our codes of conduct we set standards and expectations to follow when it comes to behaviour at the workplace, with our suppliers and partners also expected to adhere to those principles. These are based on the equal treatment of all employees or potential employees irrespective of ethnic origin, colour, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, belief, disability, age, gender or gender reassignment, trade union membership, pregnancy or maternity, marital or civil partnership or any other characteristic. It aims to ensure a work environment which is free from any intimidation, hostility, humiliation, victimisation or any other form of harassment, unlawful and unfair discrimination whether intended or not.  Discriminatory behaviour is not acceptable within Hilti: we have a strong culture of inclusivity and our Code of Conduct outlines our zero tolerance approach to discrimination in any form. We perform at our best in a caring and inclusive culture that creates enthusiastic customers and building a better future