5 min. read, April 2024

Cordless Concrete Grinders

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The tools you use on a project are all important when it comes to delivering a product on time and in perfect condition. At Hilti, we understand this and have developed a range of highly specialised tools for all your jobsite applications.

The latest DGH 130-22, is a great example of how the right tool can increase productivity and provide a range of unique advantages at the same time.

Lack of power supply? Working on scaffolds? Tired of pulling cables? No problem: the DGH 130-22 is the ideal concrete grinder for your job. 

Increased safety

cordless concrete grinders

Another advantage of choosing our DGH 130-22 cordless concrete grinder is that it makes the job site safer. Removing extension cords means eliminating a trip hazard which can lead to accidents.

A built-in vacuum connector facilitates virtually dustless grinding, especially when paired with the VC 4X-22 T15 cordless vacuum. Exposure to dust is one of the most significant health and safety risks in the industry. By minimising this, the DGH 130-22 instantly makes the job site safer.

Finally, the grinder has a drop detection function and automatically shuts down the motor if it slips from your grip. Similarly, the grinder will stop within two seconds of shutdown to further enhance safety on the job site. 


cordless concrete grinders

This cordless system also makes the DGH 130-22 a versatile tool suitable for a wide variety of uses. It takes the effort out of wall grinding, enabling you to remove concrete bleedings or imperfections and  finish concrete with ease.  

Additionally, the DHG 130-22 is perfect for tasks like chamfering concrete edges.

Furthermore, you will no longer need separate tools for grinding and finishing. The DGH 130-22 can be fitted with our new finishing pads available in grit 50-800 for a scratch-free finish.

Ergonomic comfort

cordless concrete grinders

Finally, the DGH 130-22 is designed at every stage to provide greater comfort and control. A slimline grip and padded head help you maintain perfect control when working in virtually any position and from any angle – especially when working overhead.

Setup time has been minimised, and a six-step speed adjustment and gear selection system helps you grind as fast as the workplace allows, boosting productivity without compromising on comfort.