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Drywall Tools

Save time cutting and anchoring track, assembling studs and installing drywall with our cordless interior finishing tools.

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VC 5-22

Dust Protection Products

Our dust protection products are designed to help your business work smarter when it comes to dust management.

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Scaffolding Tools

Whether it’s tightening, fastening or bolting as part of your everyday tasks, you can trust scaffolding tools from the Nuron range. 

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Concrete Tools

When working with concrete, whether it involves drilling, grinding, or breaking, you can have confidence in the concrete tools offered on the Nuron platform.

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Building Tools

When it comes to sawing, drilling, breaking, or grinding through various materials, you can rely on the building tools available in the Nuron range.

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Joinery Tools

If it’s sawing, drilling or grinding across a range of materials, you can trust our tools from the Nuron range

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Roofing Tools

Having the right power tools can ensure your completed projects are robust, safe and finished to a high standard. This could include general roofing tasks, building a frame, cutting materials and more.

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Plumbing Tools

As a crucial component in every construction job, having the right plumbing tools can ensure that any completed water or gas works is robust, considered and compliant.

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Electrician Tools

As an electrician, you need to have complete trust in your equipment for the job in hand. Not only does it help to guarantee your safety, but it also ensures smooth completion of tasks on site.

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