hilti asset management

5 min. read, April 2024

Be more productive on the job site with Hilti ON!Track

ON!Track is a digital solution that gives you a totally transparent overview of where your assets are at any time, from the back office to the site through full automation of asset management processes. 

No matter what brand they are, you can track your tools, commodities, consumables, certification records and maintenance history at the click of a button through various cloud-based dashboards available on desktop and mobile.

Optimise your inventory

hilti asset management

Using ON!Track means that for the first time you can do fast, real-time inventory checks 24 hours a day, seven days a week to introduce greater accountability across the job site. You’ll be able to see if people are hoarding tools they don’t need and redistribute them where necessary. If you find yourself in need of a tool, you can use the app to find where it was last seen and even get directions straight to it.  

Each asset is tagged with a unique ID which is tracked via tag scanning or Bluetooth inventory gateway scanners which enable remote inventory control. That can include Van Gateway for real-time checks of vehicle contents, and Telematics Gateways so you can see how and where your heavy equipment is being used.

The ID tags are designed to be robust and have been tested with cement mixers, high pressure hoses, extreme temperatures and more to make sure that they are fit to stick on any surface in any condition.

Cut downtime, stay on track

hilti asset management

In practice, ON!Track  will allow you to cut downtime on site and increase productivity in an impactful and measurable way. If you’re stopping work because people can’t find the right tools, you’re wasting time and money. Choosing ON!Track eliminates that risk using the power of data-driven software.

Before leaving the job site you can make sure that everything has been replaced properly and avoid the risk of leaving important tools or equipment behind. Keeping track of everything embeds good habits which lead to increased productivity.

If you need help, our specialists are available around the clock. They will work with you to tailor the system to your specific needs that will help to decrease your business costs, tag all your tools and other equipment, upload that data onto the software and train your people in how to use it effectively.

hilti asset management

Maintenance and compliance

Finally, ON!Track allows you to schedule and track required maintenance and repair records directly from the job site, so you can keep your tool park operational without unexpected downtime.

You can also see at a glance who has what tools and whether they are certified to use them, making it easier than ever to meet tool safety compliance regulations and eliminate risks on site before they arise.