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10 min. read, April 2024

How to improve cost control in construction

The construction industry is growing all the time and is forecast to make up almost 15% of global GDP by the end of the decade according to Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development.

Despite this, the industry is still in its infancy when it comes to digitisation and there are major inefficiencies in day-to-day operations on the job site.

Hilti Fleet Management is a long-term tool hire solution where you pay a monthly fee for the tools you need across your projects. This service can help you with cost management and back-office efficiency at the same time – which can be crucial to any construction business that has to manage and control these factors.




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Increased productivity

Hilti Fleet Management is designed to improve productivity and cost control across your company in a number of ways. One of the biggest, is that you get the right equipment for the jobs you do, with leased tools available for almost all trades and applications. It also limits tool redundancy on site. You also get the following benefits that can keep you productive and limit downtime on site:

o   Reliability and Preventative maintenance – as most of your servicing costs are covered with fleet, when you send in your tools for maintenance, it keeps them working in peak condition. This limits downtime and stops your tools from breaking down when you need them most

o   Loan tools – if one of your tools breaks down, we can provide you with a free loan tool the next day, to help optimize your tool park and avoiding the need for additional back up tools

o   Proactive battery exchange – when a battery from your tool park drops below our output/productivity threshold for performance, we send you a free replacement at no charge and recycle the less productive battery – making sure your tools are reliably powered

As a fleet customer, you can also upgrade to access Hilti equipment location services. Every tool is labelled with tracking information so that you can allocate the right tools directly to your staff, cost centres and projects. This data-driven service allows you to locate missing equipment, so you always have enough tools for what you need with no delays. This live view of your tools ensures that your employees are accountable, productive and can take pride in their work.


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Improved cost management

Using our Fleet Management tool means that you can limit the up-front cost of buying tools for your business. Our monthly fee is an effective way to manage your immediate costs and help you preserve capital for other areas of the business. If you only lease what you need, there is no overbuying due to hoarding, mismanagement or disorganisation.

The system is designed to give you a single budget line for tools that is predictable and affordable.  Most of your repair costs covered for tools, batteries, & chargers – including shipping costs, and theft coverage is included - this limits the need to reinvest if your tools are stolen by covering up to 80% of the cost of stolen tools.

Even better, tools leased through Fleet Management are replaced with the latest models at the end of your contract to help avoid downtime and stoppages due to faulty or unsuitable equipment.

All of our equipment is tested and certified to current standards and documentation is provided as part of the service.

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Heightened back-office efficiency

Finally, Hilti Fleet Management is designed to make running your business a more efficient process by eliminating many aspects of purchasing and accounting administration. Additionally, custom invoices are provided to suit your business and contracts are designed to be as simple as possible.

Having one combined point of contact for all your tools also cuts out a huge amount of paperwork. That means you’ll no longer need to get quotes for repairs or replacement tools thanks to our proactive maintenance service.

Additional features which you can access include our ON!Track Ready service, which lets you track your Hilti tools’ performance and location data that can help you find your tools quickly – saving your business and employees’ time spent looking for tools. 

Lastly, using Hilti Fleet Management means that you can be assured your tool park meets the highest standards of health and safety. In addition, we make our tools dust removal ready, more ergonomic, lighter and more powerful. Our safety features help to ensure engineers and users keep on working, including Active Vibration Reduction (which is better for HAVS exposure limits) and Active Torque Control which continues to protect users from injury.