How Victory Leisure Homes are using ON!Track to better their business

Victory Leisure Homes Customer Testimonial

Founded in 2009, Victory Leisure Homes are a holiday home manufacturer based in Hull and Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire. They produce approximately 230 caravans and lodges per week, with a particular focus on innovation that sets them apart from the traditional holiday home model. It’s no surprise then that they’ve taken Hilti’s ON!Track asset management system and used it to tag the holiday homes themselves, not just the tools that built them.

To find out how ON!Track has helped better their business, we caught up with Victory at their main site in Gilberdyke…

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“I think the partnership with Hilti has certainly opened up new doors for us in terms of manufacturing,” says General Manager Mark Hewitt (pictured left). “We had huge issues with tooling before which wasn’t really fit for purpose. The tooling that we have now does the job right first time.”

Discussing Victory's journey to ON!Track, Technical Specialist Sam Radford continues: “With the asset management piece, it’s something the business has been looking at for a long time. Trying to find the best solution for the business, but also for production operatives, so that we have traceable records for every asset on the system. So when we heard about ON!Track, it was a no brainer for us. Our account manager offered us a solution that I thought would cost us tens of thousands, but really you’re looking at hundreds of pounds a month. I was pretty much gobsmacked at what we could get for our money.”

“We can now see how many combi drills and impact drivers we have across the board. Tagging them up is one of the most important factors for the business, because we need to know their status and location – either via mobile or desktop. So we’re reducing the [search] time from hours down to seconds.”

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Victory Leisure Homes Customer Testimonial

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