A Day in The Life

Logistics Apprentice

logistics apprentice

After recently speaking to Hollie Platt, a Business and Administration apprentice here at Hilti, we’re continuing our apprentice series, but this time taking a look at the world of logistics. We’ve been chatting to Jennifer Thurstan, a warehousing and storage apprentice, working as a stock handler with the Northern Europe Logistics team in the Hilti Warehouse in Bredbury. 

Jennifer Thurstan

1.      What does a week in the life of a Stock handler apprentice look like?

Usually, the day starts at 10:30am with a shop floor meeting which includes all staff in the Warehouse. Here we discuss working positions for the day, recap on statistics from the week and discuss any important updates. It is also an opportunity for us to ask any questions or concerns. I will either be on picking or packing for the day, along with getting time for off-the-job learning such as studying, shadowing other departments or training courses. 

2.      What apprenticeship course are you completing and what attracted you to an apprenticeship in logistics?

I am doing an apprenticeship in warehousing and storage. What attracted me to this apprenticeship was that the qualification I will gain is nationally recognised and will broaden my career prospects to a wide range of opportunities. The role is a physical job which is important to me - I don’t want to be at a desk all day and it keeps me very fit and healthy!

3.      What has your first couple of months at Hilti entailed in terms of training and inductions?

During my first couple of weeks, I was introduced to the team and started my training on picking, packing and also manual handling training. As I am new to stock handling this was really significant for me. In the following weeks, I was given a lot of invaluable advice and useful tips and tricks, from other members of staff, helping me to improve.

My most recent experience has been the ‘Hilti Way’, which is a two-day induction to the company for all new employees. During the induction, I met new employees from across the UK, and we all participated in team building exercises together. Likewise, it taught me a lot about the history of Hilti, the different career opportunities and had a few fun questionnaires and competitions along the way.

4.      How are Hilti supporting you through your apprenticeship?

Everyone at Hilti has been very supportive open and helpful. The members of staff that I work with have all helped me, and made me feel very comfortable working there. I have felt confident to ask anyone a question if I was unsure of anything, and I believe that this had lead me to learn fast and gain confidence quicker than I ordinarily would have done. If I need any advice, on anything from booking a holiday to what to do if I think I have made a mistake, they are always very willing to help me, encouraging me to ask questions if I am unsure of anything.

5.      What was your recruitment process like?

After showing my interest and sending off my application, I was asked to submit a video interview that asked questions around my knowledge of Hilti and motivations to join an apprenticeship. I was then invited to a face-to-face interview at the warehouse. The interview was very good, my interviewers instantly made me feel comfortable and set my nerves at bay, as I found them both to be very lovely and friendly. During the interview, they helped me to answer the questions they had, prompting me where needed and I was shown around the warehouse. Not long after the interview I received a phone call telling me that I have been accepted for the apprenticeship – I was extremely happy. 

6.      Do you have any advice for anyone who is thinking about doing an apprenticeship?

My advice would be to make sure that you thoroughly research the apprenticeship and company before applying. I would advise anyone who is seriously considering an apprenticeship to go for it, as not only do you work and earn money, you are also gaining a qualification which will help you in the future.