Screw Anchors

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HUS4 Screw Anchor

  • Fast and economical fastening to concrete
  • Up to 2x faster than wedge anchors
  • Reusable and adjustable
  • Improved setting with less blocking in the toughest concrete

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel (Head: Hex) Multilayer Corrosion Protection (Head: Hex) Carbon Steel (Head: Countersunk) Carbon Steel (Head: Externally Threaded) Multilayer Corrosion Protection (Head: Externally Threaded) Stainless Steel (Head: Hex) Stainless Steel (Head: Countersunk)

HUS4-MAX Hybrid Screw Anchor Capsule

  • Ultimate-performance foil capsule for fast and economical heavy-duty anchoring in concrete
  • Easier and faster to install compared to traditional chemical anchors
  • Two-step installation with no cleaning
  • Can be adjusted or removed even if the capsule was used
HUS4-MAX Hybrid Screw Anchor

Why choose our concrete screw anchors

Our screw anchors, also known as ground screw anchors or concrete screw anchors, are an efficient and productive solution without compromising quality and safety. Whether you need a permanent or temporary solution, HUS4 concrete screws provide effortless installation and exceptional structural reliability, even in challenging site conditions. Incorporating a HUS4 MAX capsule into the borehole enhances performance to that of a chemical anchor, all while being as quick as driving a screw.

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Our concrete screw anchors require no cleaning, torquing or hammering or any special accessories. Furthermore, they ensure exceptional structural safety. The Hilti concrete screw anchors provide design flexibility, allowing for the incorporation of a mortar capsule. This not only enhances performance by up to 30% but also allows for complete removability when needed.