Install stud walls quickly and accurately

Partition walls

Install stud walls quickly and accurately.

There is a lot to do when it comes to setting up stud partition walls and fitting insulation; fixing the floor plate or sole plate, fixing the ceiling plate or top track, fixing vertical studs and noggings and then fitting acoustic or thermal insulation and screwing on the plasterboard… this can be a lengthy stage in the renovation process. Particularly if these stud walls aren’t laid out accurately.

Do you ever wonder how you can increase productivity while at the same time producing quality and precise work? We have the solutions you need.  

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The key to building stud walls is precision

Set up with the precision PM 30-MG multiline laser

When you’re putting up stud walls, setting out is the first step.

The measurements are crucial for the next stage and must be precise so you can lay the frame perfectly. To do that, you may use a chalk line or builders' line, a rafter square, or a level which can lead to human error and frustrating mistakes that take you back to square one. 


PM 30-MG Multiline laser

Say goodbye to manual solutions and meet the PM 30-MG multiline laser, perfect for rapid and precise placing of timber studs or metal tracks for drywalls on floors, masonry or concrete. 

This easy to use, compact line laser offers: 

  • Precise 360° squaring, levelling and aligning​
  • Micro-adjustment for easy squaring and fast configuration​ 
  • Maximum operating distance: 40 metres (up to 100 metres when connected to the PMA 31G sensor)
  • Rechargeable battery (Up to 1.5 days of continuous use)​
  • Single operator

The PM 30-MG multiline laser is also compatible with many accessories so you can vertically align pipes and cables, line up electric sockets, radiators, suspended ceilings and much more. ​

Check out the complete list of accessories including the PMA 90 Magnetic wall mountPMA 20 tripod, and PUA 10 telescopic brace

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Choosing the right tool is the key to success​

Once you know where you are putting your stud partition walls, you must fix your drywall tracks onto the different surfaces. For that, you have two options: ​

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The GX 3 gas nailer  

Offering ultra-fast and reliable installation of drywall track, the GX 3 nailer is perfectly adapted to nailing in concrete, solid masonry or steel. This cordless gas nailer for the installation of drywall track gives you a high fixation rate for maximum productivity and efficiency. 

Its curved nail magazine holding up to 40 nails, allows you to easily access tight spaces and deep rails. Battery-free operation is possible thanks to the gas cartridges, with a gas gauge to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly.

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Pro pick

The BX 3 cordless nailer​

With its second-generation direct fixing technique, this nailer gives you reliable and high-quality fixing on concrete, steel and solid masonry. This cordless nail gun fixes 1.3 nails per second and up to 800 fixings with a single battery charge. 

No more problems of storing gas or powder cartridges! And if you already have a Hilti 22V battery, all you need is the tool body as the batteries fit all our cordless tools. 

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Fixing drywall panels efficiently

Fixing plasterboard with an SD 5000-A22 drywall screwdriver and SD-M 2 screw magazine

All you need to do now is screw the plasterboard to your frame. However, you can come up against problems such as holding the plaster board with one hand, your screwdriver-drill in the other, looking for screws in your pocket, and all this most of the time perched on top of a ladder! 

With the SD 5000-A22 drywall screwdriver and its SD-M 2 screw magazine, you can fix hundreds of screws per hour, significantly reduce the risk of blocking and losing screws, but most of all, you can keep one hand free to hold or adjust the boards. 


Save time and equip yourself with tools that facilitate your everyday applications and boost your productivity! Share the benefits by giving your customers quicker lead times, while creating safer working environments for you and your colleagues.

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