Creating openings

Creating openings

Discover diamond core drilling solutions that are quick, clean and safe.

Creating openings is an essential part of renovation work, for pipes, electrical cables, the installation of casings and boilers. Using a drill bit for these operations is common, however, this can be hard work when dealing with materials like concrete and lead to generating large amounts of dust. The good news is drilling and boring is one of the areas where you can easily gain in quality, cleanliness and speed.

How can you be more efficient on jobs that require you to create openings? Let’s take a look. 

Our pro advice

man drilling hole using a percussion drill bit

Percussion drilling is old news...

To install kitchen waste pipes, extractor fans or boiler flues, you must drill! 

But often, when not using the right tool for the job, you’ll find the drilling is not precise, cracks and fractures appear at the opening and exit of the hole. It’s not clean and neat… and every renovation professional knows that the quality of their work is their main calling card! ​

We understand, your percussion drill bit is like an old friend, but the problem is that even if it’s adaptable to all sorts of materials (concrete, brick, plaster…), it isn’t up to producing quality work and the drilling depth and diameter is severely limited.​

Which core drill would you choose?

DD 110-W Core drill

Mount: Handheld
Coring: Wet or dry
Diameter range: 16 - 162 mm

From £51.28 per month
on Fleet Management

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DD 120 Core drill

Mount: Rig-based
Coring: Wet 
Diameter range: 16 - 162 mm

From £77.71 per month
on Fleet Management

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Pro pick

Wet and dry diamond core drill

DD 150-U Core drill

Mount: Handheld or rig-based
Coring: Wet or dry
Diameter range: 8 - 162 mm

From £62.10 per month
on Fleet Management

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Helping maintain a clean(er) jobsite

Gain time and stay tidy when creating openings

Maintaining a clean job site often affects your productivity and creates more work for you after you’ve carried out your tasks having to clean up afterwards. Depending on your choice of core drill, we have options for both wet and dry coring. 

Wet coring

Diamond core drilling into concrete

DD-WMS 100 Water management system

The water recycling system DD-WMS 100 redefines the technology of diamond core drilling, leaving you with a clean jobsite and the ability to carry out tasks autonomously. 

No need to connect to your customer’s water supply, simply fill the reservoir and fit a filter bag.  

As the water can be recycled up to 7 times, the usable volume is equivalent to about 100 L of continuous water supply which lasting on average a day’s work. 

The large wheels and practical handle mean that the DD-WMS 100 is easy to move around and navigate different areas of the jobsite efficiently. 

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Dry coring

VC 20-UM Universal, compact M class wet and dry vacuum cleaner

Working on dry renovation sites can result in large amounts of harmful dust being generated from the abrasive treatment of materials like masonry, concrete or bricks. When working on dust generating applications, the most important thing is your health, protecting yourself and others around you is vital to the well-being of your workforce. 

Diamond drilling and boring generate a great deal of dust so you need to be well-equipped with the right tools and dust removal systems to ensure you work safer and more efficiently. The compact M Class Vacuum VC 20-UM will save you time and reduce the amount of dust in the air to its automatic filter cleaning system to collect the dry dust.

Guide to Professional Renovation Work

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Guide to Professional Renovation Work

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