Get the job done in a fraction of the time with the right breaker and chisel

Light demolition

Get the job done in a fraction of the time with the right breaker and chisel.

Dust and vibration-related health issues are both a major problem across the construction industry. 

On renovation jobs, you’ll often need to demolish partitions or take up floor tiles - tasks that generate large quantities of harmful dust that you not only have to worry about cleaning up afterwards but also the serious health-issues regular inhalation of dust can cause. To protect your health and improve productivity, using the right tools for the job is important.

Let's take a look at ways to make sure your small demolition tasks are up to scratch.

Our pro advice

For small or large demolition jobs: choose the right tools! ​

Light demolition and chipping

When you're needing to carry out light chipping or chiselling look no further than TE 6-A22 and TE 6-A36 cordless rotary hammers:​

  • Hammer drilling ranging from 4 - 20 mm
  • Corded performance with cordless flexibility
  • Optional DRS-6-A dust removal system to help with virtually dustless working
  • Available on both our 22V and 36V platforms to fit with your other Hilti tools
Occasional demolition with TE 50-AVR rotary hammer

Occasional demolition

You need the right support on your building site. When knocking through walls or taking down partitions, you need the right tools that help you gain time and do a quality job. For this type of job, the TE 50-AVR Rotary Hammer has a lot of advantages:​

  • Highly versatile (diameter: 12 - 55 mm)​
  • Percussion drilling in all materials: concrete, stone, masonry​ 
  • Low contact pressure for optimal operational comfort
  • Excellent handling​
High intensity demolition with TE 700-AVR demolition hammer

High intensity demolition

This versatile tool is ideal for small occasional demolition jobs but for more high intensity demolition work on masonry and brick walls, the robust, high-performance  TE 700-AVR demolition hammer wins every time: ​ ​

  • A performance-weight ratio optimised for high-efficiency
  • Power management to improve performance ​ 
  • Excellent handling
  • An induction motor to facilitate maintenance and extend the life of the machine​


Inserts to save you money in the long run

Pro pick

Ultimate performance

Match your demolition tool of choice with a self-sharpening SDS Max (TE-Y) TE-YX SM pointed chisel and  TE-YX FM flat chisel or SDS Plus TE-CX FM flat chisel; all designed for precision demolition of concrete and masonry.

  • Self-sharpening cutting edge – work more efficiently and for longer with the same chisel, no resharpening or rehardening necessary
  • Ultra-robust – inductive hardening makes these flat chisels especially resistant to mushrooming, wear and bending
  • Improved reliability – dust cap on SDS Max chisels helps to avoid downtime and improve tool lifespan

Premium performance

Sharing some of the features with our Ultimate range, our Premium level chisels offer impressive versatility and reliability. Both the SDS Max (TE-Y) TE-Y SM pointed chisel and TE-Y FM flat chisel deliver solid performance for demanding users.

  • Extra-tough connection end - transfers more force from the tool to the chisel
  • Ultra-robust – inductive hardening makes these flat chisels especially resistant to mushrooming, wear and bending
  • Improved reliability – dust cap on SDS Max chisels helps to avoid downtime and improve tool lifespan

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Remove dust at source to protect your health

Virtually dust-free working

When inhaled regularly, fine dust particles can lead to serious long-term health conditions that affect your quality of life

Certain jobs on renovation projects generate huge quantities of dust. When you’re breaking through walls or demolishing ceilings in just 1 hour of chiselling you can generate up to 2kg of dust. That’s an enormous amount. Dust is everywhere on site and it’s important to work in safe conditions to protect yourself and not put your health at risk. You can find out more about the effects of dust here.  

Alongside the harmful effects dust has on your health and well-being, you also need to consider the impact dust has on productivity onsite such as prepping work areas before carrying out work and cleaning afterwards. Introducing the TE-DRS-Y dust removal system designed especially for SDS-Max drills that helps save you time when preparing or cleaning your site. Its Dust Removal System collects up to 99% of fine particle dust and allows you to chisel, drill and bore practically dust-free. Moreover, protecting your tools from dust build-up means they last longer. 

The VC 20-UM professional building site vacuum system collects up to 21 L of dry and moist dust (M class) in the most extreme site conditions. To gain time and protect your health, you need to use the right tools for the job.

Man breaking tiled floor

Less vibration, more comfort

When carrying out renovation work, you can unavoidably be exposed to some vibration when drilling, chiseling or breaking

Regular use of hand-held tools that vibrate can cause serious problems for your joints, but also your nervous system or circulation. 

The active vibration reduction system (AVR) developed by Hilti reduces the level of vibration by two thirds compared with conventional electro-portable tools, giving heightened productivity and improved working comfort. It helps to lower the risk of health problems linked to vibrations, such as musculoskeletal disorders, and extends the life of your tools. 

The good news is that it is available for many demolition tools like the TE 50-AVR drill, TE 700-AVR and TE 800-AVR demolition hammers that can help to limit the vibration in your arms and back and better protect your joints. ​

Using the right equipment is key to save time, increase working comfort, and deliver quality results. 

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