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Rotating Lasers

Find out how our rotating laser levels are designed to be robust and easy to use for long-distance levelling, aligning, squaring and slope tasks

Find out how our rotating laser levels are designed to be robust and easy to use for long-distance levelling, aligning, squaring and slope tasks More information: Rotating Laser Levels Hire Hilti Tools
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Rotating Lasers

Robust rotating laser levels with 360° protection

Hilti lasers are designed to enhance speed and accuracy for site grading, concrete pours, foundation layouts and drop-ceiling installation. Designed with drop-resistant technology, our rotating lasers help safeguard your tool investment by minimising the impact of a drop or tripod fall and tough rubber sealings to keep dust, dirt and water out.

Whether you are working indoors or outside, on horizontal, vertical or dual-grade slope applications, we've a robust rotating laser to help you get the job done.

Rotating lasers


Precision laser leveling for jobsites

Whether you are looking to lay out horizontal and vertical lines without needing a second person, pour concrete, adjust formwork, set out grading for single and dual-grade slopes using the digital grading function and install façades without a drifting beam, we've got an exterior rotating laser level designed to help you get the job done.

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Green laser levels with 4x greater visibility for indoor applications

When working indoors makes it difficult to read a red laser level, Hilti interior rotating laser levels use a green laser that is more visible to the naked eye under a broader range of conditions. With greater visibility, you can minimise the time you need to set up a tool to accurately project layout lines – even across larger workspaces. This means overall construction is accelerated, with accurate alignments of piping, cable trays, suspended ceilings grids or drywall rails.

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Why choose Hilti rotating lasers?

Robust: Hilti's innovative drop-resistant technology can withstand the toughest jobsite conditions so if your laser falls, it doesn’t just come back on, it’s still as precise as before the drop.


Auto alignment: With a Hilti laser, the bright line stays where it’s supposed to helping you carry out jobs with greater accuracy than traditional string line methods. 


Cordless: Hilti Cordless Power Care batteries use advanced Lithium-ion battery technology. The higher density cells and smart software individually monitor and control each cell to protect the battery from overheating giving you optimal performance and fast charging of your lasers. 

PR 30-HVS A12
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