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Search our full selection of circular saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws and more, designed to optimize cutting speed and performance when cutting metal, wood, drywall and other materials

Search our full selection of circular saws, reciprocating saws, jig saws and more, designed to optimize cutting speed and performance when cutting metal, wood, drywall and other materials
SM 60-22 Cordless mitre saw Dual-bevel sliding compound mitre saw with a cross cut capacity up to 100x355mm│4”x 13-3/4" (Nuron battery platform)
SC 6WP-22 Cordless plunge saw Precision plunge circular saw with high dust capture rate for clean and controlled, straight cuts in wood up to 53 mm│2-1/8” depth with guiderail
SB 6-22 Deep cut band saw Deep cut dual trigger band saw for precise, low-noise and virtually spark-free cuts through metal up to 127 mm│5” cutting depth (Nuron battery platform)
Nuron SB 4-22 Portable band saw Cordless portable band saw inc. 14/18 TPI blade for precise, low-noise, low-spark cuts through metal up to 63.5 mm│2-1/2” cutting depth (Nuron battery platform)
Nuron SJD 6-22 Cordless jigsaw Powerful top-handle cordless jigsaw with optional on-board dust collection for precise straight or curved cuts (Nuron battery platform)
Nuron SCO 6-22 Cut-out tool Cordless brushless drywall cut-out tool for quick, clean and accurate cuts in board and thin sheet metal (Nuron battery platform)
SR 2-A12 Reciprocating saw Cordless 12V reciprocating saw engineered for light-duty demolition and cutting to length, especially in hard-to-reach places
SR 30-A36 Reciprocating saw Cordless 36V reciprocating saw engineered for extremely heavy-duty demolition and cutting to length with minimal vibration and advanced ergonomics
SR 30 Reciprocating saw Reciprocating saw engineered for extremely heavy-duty serial demolition and cutting to length with minimal vibration and advanced ergonomics
WSC 85 Circular saw Circular saw with combined plunge and pendulum for heavy-duty straight cuts up to 85 mm depth


Our range of cordless saws cover several applications for different construction needs. While having the convenience of running off our Nuron battery platform, each type of saw is designed to accommodate better handling, increased comfort or high performance that gets the job done

Why choose Hilti for cordless saw products?

Covers Every Job

Covers a range of applications, from light to heavy duty work, with improved tool balance and ergonomics.

Increased Safety

Features across our saws, including rapid blade brake, LED lights and chip collectors, help ensure user safety.

Total Convenience

Run all types of saw, including heavy-duty cut-off saws, on the same high-performing 22V Nuron battery platform.

Reduced Dust

Compatible with dust removal accessories (on-board or connected to a vacuum) to reduce dust across your jobsites.

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Introducing the SM 60-22 Mitre Saw

For precise angled or plunge cuts in a variety of structural and non-structural timber, a mitre saw is a must-have tool on any jobsite. Our SM 60-22 is a fully cordless 305mm (12 inch) sliding double compound mitre saw, suitable for the toughest jobs with safety and productivity in mind.

With a full range of bevel, mitre and sliding plunge cuts that can be achieved with the tool, you can perform all types of cut for your projects. The tool features a variable speed dial, allowing for smooth surface cuts in wood & aluminium profile, and is fully compatible with all Hilti Vacuums. This provides excellent dust capture, helping you to operate more safely.

Circular Saws

Choose from lightweight to heavy-duty tools that cover everything you need.

SC 4MR-22

Cordless circular saw with minimised weight and size for overhead cuts up to 51 mm│2” depth.

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SC 6WL-22

Cordless circular saw for wood cutting up to 60 mm | 2-3/8" with a faster 165 mm | 6-1/2" diameter universal wood saw blade.

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SC 6ML-22

Cold-cutting cordless metal saw for extra-fast, precision cutting up to 60 mm│2-3/8” depth.

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Reciprocating saws

Our reciprocating saws can handle tasks across a range of materials – including wood, metal, plastic, drywall and more. Looking for control and ease of use? Our SR 4-22 saw is designed for one handed use across a range of applications. Though If you want heavy-duty cutting and demolition, then our SR 6-22 is perfect for work across a wide range of materials.

And with up to 26% lower vibration thanks to Advanced Vibration Reduction (AVR), improved tool balance and LED light, the SR 6-22 delivers Hilti’s best handling yet.

Jig Saw

As jig saws are often used to make abnormal or irregular cuts, handling and weight is crucial during their use. The SJT 6-22 ensures easy operation on your chosen surfaces with its low weight and barrel grip for easy operation. Meanwhile, the contoured D grip of the SJD 6-22 top handle makes it more comfortable to guide along the most challenging of cutting jobs.

And as you’d expect from a Hilti jig saw, these tools also offer rapid blade brake and Active Vibration control for enhanced comfort and handling.

Band Saw

When cutting through different types of struts, pipes or rods made from metal, the right band saw can make all the difference. For ultimate convenience and flexibility, the SB 4-22 portable band saw allows you to cut almost anywhere, including overhead operation, when working in sensitive or occupied environments. But if you’re looking for more cutting depth, the SB 6-22 deep cut band saw offers more depth up to 125mm, high performance and advanced safety features.

Our saws will let you cut virtually anywhere – with virtually no sparks, debris or noise.

Plunge saw

For long and accurate cuts, with the additional need for cutting at to a specific depth, a plunge saw is a must-have product in any tool park. While it offers a safer approach vs other types of saw, precision is what most users look for the most. Using a 165mm wood blade with guide rail, this is a crucial tool for anyone working with fine finish wood materials. Especially for those who want to ensure precision and high quality of cut in a range of wood-based beams and boards.


Want to know more about each type of saw or request a free demo? Drop us a message and we’ll happily get in touch.