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Direct Fastening

See how our cordless, fully automatic or semi-automatic fastening tools and accessories – designed for fastening materials like wood, insulation boards, metal decks and gratings – can deliver more reliable fastenings and boost your productivity

Powder, gas and battery-powered direct fastening tools for concrete, masonry and steel base materials
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Direct fastening nails designed for a wide variety of applications on wood, concrete, masonry and steel
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Decking and Siding
Find out how our powder-actuated fastening solutions can help you to increase productivity for siding and decking applications – such as fixing profiled metal sheets, liner trays, composite beams and many more
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Threaded studs
Threaded studs for a wide variety of applications on concrete and steel - such as grating, grounding, light cable trays or multi-purpose fastenings
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Electrical and mechanical fastening
Find out about our tools and fasteners for electrical and mechanical fastening – including cordless nailers for concrete, steel or masonry
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Direct fastening elements for various types of fastenings and fixings
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Propellants for all Hilti powder- and gas-actuated direct fastening tools
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Overview of Hilti marking inserts for steel marking solutions
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Building Construction
Direct fastening solutions for building construction - such as formwork, insulation, damp-proofing, wood construction, masonry and stonework
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Building Envelope
Direct fastening solutions for building envelope applications - such as siding and decking, light ventilated facade and curtain walls as well as insulation and non-metal roofing
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Energy and Industry
Direct fastening solutions for energy and industry - such as grating and floorplate, metal marking, electrical grounding and multi-purpose fastening on steel
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Interior Finishing
Direct fastening solutions for interior finishing applications - such as perimeter wall, drywall, insulation and joinery and shop fitting
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Mechanical and Electrical
Direct fastening solutions for mechanical and electrical applications - such as cable and conduit fastenings, light cable trays and light-duty piping
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Accessories for direct fastening
Find out how our wide range of accessories for BX/DX/GX nailers can further enhance your productivity on-site
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Steel Construction
Direct fastening solutions for steel construction applications - such as metal marking and grating and floorplate fastenings
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