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Features & Applications

  • Hilti Stud Fusion is a revolutionary welding method which helps you avoid the high costs, specialist operators, inconsistency and rework associated with traditional welding
  • Save time and labour – Stud Fusion is faster, safer and can be performed by non-specialist, trained operators. Eliminate the trial-and-error of traditional welding: simply select the type of threaded stud you’re working with, then the unit adjusts itself to the recommended settings for all working conditions
  • Safer jobsites and yards – this cordless welding system works entirely without heavy gas cylinders, power cords, angle grinders, fumes or light radiation
  • Get what you spec – the smart features of Hilti Stud Fusion make repeatable and more consistent fastenings to steel easier to achieve, even under tough jobsite conditions
  • Simplify and standardise fastening design – engineering support is available via the PROFIS Modular Support Engineering software suite, or by phone, in person or on the jobsite with Hilti Design and Engineering Support
  • Fastening to steel in polluted/corrosive environments (up to C5) for higher tensile loads or thinner base materials
  • Steel fastening in offshore wind, oil and gas installations – cable tray/ladder supports, non-critical pipe supports and equipment fastenings
  • Steel fastening in oil and gas onshore installations – cable tray/ladder supports, non-critical pipe supports, multi-disciplinary supports and other equipment fastenings
  • Power station construction and maintenance – heavy piping supports, fastening control and instrumentation installations, multi-disciplinary supports
  • Shipbuilding – block alignment, fastening false ceilings, raised floors, inspection grids and manholes, water spray separators; fastening of internal and external furniture and outfitting (lamps, switches, junction boxes etc.); support for electric/piping/ventilation services

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