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Efficiently prepare your measurements for and from the jobsite

PROFIS Layout Office brings your office and jobsites much closer together: you can plan ahead in end-to-end digital processes. By cutting out manual steps, you avoid the most error-prone tasks and save time.

Create layout points without CAD expertise or software

You do not need to be an experienced CAD user to start creating layout points using this software. The simplified design provides direct access to common functions for a shorter learning curve and minimal self-training time.

Compatible with your main BIM and CAD programs

After importing a DWG or DWF plan, you can mark individual stake-out points as well as groups of points, which can then be sent directly to a Hilti layout tool. You can simplify the data for specific tasks by hiding irrelevant layers. For some tools, a BIM-ready cloud solution is available for rapid transfer of the layout points to the jobsite.

Technical Data

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