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NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool


Now your productivity can be managed with Hilti services and the all new NPR 19-A and NPR 32-A pipe press tools

Extensive range of jaws
When installing pipes for drinking water or heating systems it’s all about reliability and speed. The new Hilti NPR 19-A and NPR 32-A cordless press tools, combined with our extensive range of Hilti services, create a strong connection.

It's increasingly common practice to press pipe connections for drinking water, heating or gas and it’s easy to see why. Pressing pipes is quick, safe and reliable and when you add in Hilti technology and our industry leading Fleet Management service, you can productively manage your installation with confidence that there’s a strong connection.

Our press tools and jaws are approved by Gerberit and other major pipe suppliers to ensure your systems are compliant, so you can get the job done with confidence.

Free servicing for your jaws and press tool

Hilti Fleet Management

To be sure of a strong connection and guarantee your press system, it’s essential to service your jaws and pipe press tool once a year. With Hilti Fleet Management, we take care of this for you free of charge - it's all part of the service! For a fixed monthly fee, Fleet Management covers all your tool, service and repair costs including:

  • Fast, high quality repairs free of charge, including freight costs battery exchange and drop cover - even on your jaws
  • With the Hilti Connect App, order your repairs in an instant and get reminders when your service is overdue
  • Loan tool service to keep your teams working while your tool is in for repair
  • Theft coverage with fast, easy replacement of stolen tools
  • Reliable online tool list for transparency and easy invoice consolidation
  • Tool exchange at the end of the contract term keeps you up to date with the latest technology and innovation

All this means peace of mind and predictable costs for the full 4-year contract period.

Fully serviced pipe press tools and jaws for less than you'd imagine

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool and jaw
49.44 £

per month
For a Hilti NPR 19-A 22 pipe press tool over a 4-year Fleet Management contract.

3.75 £

per month
For a Hilti M-profile pipe press jaw over a 4-year Fleet Management contract.

See the press tool in action

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    We love it but what do our customers think?

    See how the Hilti pipe pressing system is helping DL Mechanical to be more productive onsite.

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    Hilti NPR Pipe Press Tool

    Take a look at our new NPR 19-A and 32-A pipe press tool. Compatible with our 22V platform and integrated Hilti Connect system, it's a seamless solution to your pipe pressing needs.

Service information at your fingertips

Press tools, jaws, rings and actuators that are not adequately serviced and maintained can lead to unplanned downtime that could bring your construction site to a standstill. And if you have a leak caused by a faulty tool or accessory, costly damage could add up to thousands. With Hilti services, you can confidently minimise this danger.

Hilti Connect and Hilti ON!Track

Hilti Connect App

All Hilti pipe press tools and jaws are equipped with an NFC tag which stores all sorts of useful information, including your service history. So if you download our Hilti Connect App and hold your phone near to the tool or jaw, it will show you it's full service history so you can keep an eye on when it needs to go in for a service and plan this in at a time that suits your business. You can even schedule a repair directly via the app from wherever you are working. 

Find out more about Hilti Connect
Hilti ON!Track asset management

If you are looking for a more comprehensive equipment tracking solution or want to keep tabs on your high value equipment, Hilti ON!Track software might be the better option to help you look after your press tools and accessories. ON!Track gives you a complete overview of your pressing equipment, telling you where they are being used at a moment’s notice. 

Find out more about Hilti ON!Track


22 V cordless platform

When pressing pipes, constant performance is essential and our 22V battery platform delivers exactly that. Our batteries have a very long life and thanks to Hilti Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology, deliver the performance you want especially when in continuous use or when working at sub-zero temperatures. So even if you’re working with a compact battery, like the Hilti B22/2.6 and B22/3.0 Li-ion, you can crimp several hundred pipe connections a day. But the best thing is that you can use your 22V batteries with other Hilti cordless tools, helping to keep you productive and flexible across a single battery platform.

The right pressing technology

Hilti NPR 19-A Pipe Press Tool

Having a strong and reliable connection is essential when pipe pressing - with the new Hilti NPR 19-A and NPR 32-A cordless pipe pressing tools you can rest assured that the job’s been done properly.

Our press tools have an inbuilt pressure sensor which sounds an alarm and flashes a light to warn if the pressing process is incomplete. These signals also flag if there is a technical problem with the tool or if maintenance is required leaving you in no doubt as to whether the pressing cycle has been done to perfection. 

A built-in algorithm also prevents a pressing from starting if the battery does not have enough power to complete the operation.


Hilti cordless range of tools

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Press tool jaws

Press Jaws

Check out our range of press tool jaws to fit a variety of pipe profiles, approved by Gerberit and other major pipe suppliers.

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