Exploring the benefits of ON!Track with PPS Electrical

PPC electrical

PPS Electrical Ltd. are a Cumbrian-based electrical contractor specialising in Industrial Electrical Installation for the nuclear industry. Employing over 250 staff, they have a permanent operation on the Sellafield Nuclear Decommissioning site as well as the main office and workshop in Barrow. 

Keeping track across multiple sites

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Sellafield is a massive site with many different contracts ongoing at the same time, so PPS continually need to transfer plant and materials between job-sites. It is essential that they know where all their assets are at any given time, particularly in areas of the site that are deemed to be higher risk. In such cases, all tools and materials must be issued with a Nuclear Clearance Exemption certificate confirming that these assets are safe to leave the area.

PPS had previously used a paper based system to track and trace their assets however these records were not always kept up to date and were not fully visible across the business. PPS Electrical Ltd. were the first company in the UK to adopt the Hilti ON!Track system and have seen many benefits.

With the ON!Track system, PPS know exactly where all their assets are and can attach the certificates electronically in the system so they have full visibility of where the plant is and whether it is safe to be transferred.

PPS Electrical Ltd. have worked with Hilti for over 10 years and have built a strong partnership using Hilti for 90% of their tools.

Steven Fox, Quality and Compliance Manager for PPS advised, “We have been working closely with the Hilti Project Manager, using more and more of the Hilti product on the Sellafield site. Due to this partnership, we were interested in trialling the ON!Track system with a view to rolling it out to the full company." 

Transparency and accountability

PPC electrical ON!Track

Steven lead the implementation of the ON!Track system, tagging their inventory of Hilti tools followed by the rest of their tool stock and assets including crimping tools, ladders and harnesses. Hilti offer a professional tagging service however PPS opted to roster a weekend shift to tag the items themselves. So far, PPS have logged over 1,300 items on the system with a view to logging all their assets and any new purchases beyond this. The teams use RFID scanners and the mobile app making it quick and easy to keep track of valuable plant and consumables across a range of contracts. The live cloud-based system updates almost instantly so there’s always a true overview of their inventory available.

As plant and consumables can be assigned to a specific employee and site location, assets are less likely to missing, which reduces costs, wastage and repeat spending on the same items.


A final word

Steve explains the benefits they're seeing across the business from using Hilti ON!Track, “We are starting to see the benefits of knowing where all our tools are across the business - it’s a long-term solution and in time the benefits will be even greater as we will save time looking for lost tools and minimize the risk of plant going missing”. 

Find out how ON!Track can make a difference for your business below.