Howard Plastering Saves Money With ON!Track

An interview about the benefits of Hilti ON!Track with Howard Plastering

on!track saves you money

It can be a struggle to keep track of everything on site, from tools to employees, while making sure projects get carried out efficiently and on time. Our asset management software, ON!Track helps businesses keep on top of tools, consumables, certifications, and loads more. Want to find out how Howard Plastering have benefited from using it? Carry on reading... 

How ON!Track saves you money

Simon Howard and Ian Gray from Howard Plastering tell us all about the benefits they are seeing, like improved process and cost savings, after integrating Hilti's ON!Track solution. 


How did you hear about Hilti ON!Track?

Ian: I first came across ON!Track on the Hilti website while I was placing an order on the website. I saw the link and thought to myself “Asset management solution? That looks interesting!” and so we took it from there.

What convinced you by the solution?

Ian: Personally, a lot of my time was spent trying to track and maintain all the tools that we have (the vast majority of which are Hilti) and it seemed like ON!Track would be a great solution. It was just a matter of convincing Howard that it was a good idea.

What were the main challenges with your previous solution?

Ian: My biggest challenge was keeping track of when the warranties expired. Thanks to ON!Track, we are now able to get the tools serviced in time and therefore we are saving costs.

Another challenge that we had was misplaced tools. Sometimes we would give a tool to a Contract Manager and when we asked who had it, they would say “Oh I can’t remember”. Now everyone is held accountable for missing tools.

Did you have another asset mangement tool before ON!Track?

Simon: Yes, we used to have a spreadsheet. We used to keep everything on that sheet. It was really hard to track everything and it was very time consuming trying to adminster it. For other assets within the company, besides our Hilti tools, we had another tracking system but it was never used properly.

How was the implementation?

Simon: Once we realised the benefits and cost savings ON!Track would bring, the implementation was very straight forward. The Hilti team made great strides making sure they provided us with a customised system that would suit our needs.

What is the main benefit you’ve seen from Hilti ON!Track?

Simon: The main benefit is really knowing where the tools are. It is easy to record everything and everyone has access. It has helped us really enforce greater responsibility into everyone. Now, they return everything themselves rather than lending them directly to someone else.

Would you recommend Hilti ON!Track? If so why?

Simon: I would yes. I think everyone in our business, doing what we are doing, can benefit from it. I really think this would help them and the more you use it, the more you see how beneficial it is. 

Asset Management should be a priority

Ian and Simon’s experiences resonates with us as evidence shows that 90 hours a month are spent searching for assets across construction sites. But, downtime onsite can be tackled, as ON!Track tells you exactly where your tools and assets are, and who is responsible for them. If you need an item urgently, you know where it is and can get it on its way to a jobsite immediately – your whole inventory is at your fingertips.

Do you have the same struggles onsite? If so, ON!Track could be for you.