Cordless Tool Innovations by Hilti

SFC 22-A to SF 4-A22

The future is cordless.

A growing number of workers are saying goodbye to corded tools in preference of their cordless counterparts. The uptake of cordless working is gaining momentum thanks to innovation in battery technology and efficient brushless motors, meaning the performance of cordless tools are now seamlessly rivalling that of corded

The increase in popularity of cordless power tools has been noted in a recent report, Global Electric Power Tools Market Opportunities and Forecast (Corded and Cordless) carried out by Allied Market Research. The report highlights a predicted market size increase from £18,532.92 million ($23,603.1 million) in 2019 to reach £30,738.38 million ($39,147.7 million) in 2027; growing at a CAGR of 8.5%. The report further notes the increasing popularity of cordless power tools is driving market growth. 

Workers require tools that are reliable, long-lasting, cost-effective, and support productive working. Cordless tools support these needs, offering greater flexibility and increased performance than those requiring mains power sources.  

With more research and development being put into cordless tools, you can be sure that products are well designed, efficient, and powerful. At Hilti, we’re investing in our cordless range and couldn’t be more excited to launch the SF 4-A22 cordless drill driver, taking over from its predecessor, the popular tool park staple, the SFC 22-A cordless drill driver.

Why are cordless tools so popular?


Safer working 

Cordless working benefits health and safety concerns by reducing falling hazards. With fewer cords cluttering job sites there is a decreased risk of tripping and falling which could lead to injury and damaged goods. Battery-powered cordless tools also reduce noise on jobsites, with less disruption from noisy generators and power sources that can affect working conditions.


Freedom to move 

Carrying mains-powered tools can mean bulky extras to transport too, which can make moving from one work area to another time-consuming. Compact tools with no cords mean you’re not tethered to one space and have the freedom to move around and navigate larger construction sites with ease.


Productivity gains 

Right now, productivity is a key consideration for all in the construction industry as we get back on track with projects and jobs that have been on hold over the previous months. Cordless tools can boost productive working. They’re lighter and easily transported around big jobsites. With dual batteries, you can charge one battery while working to eliminate the need for any downtime between charging. Not to mention, the compact, ergonomic design means you can work in those tricky hard to reach spaces more comfortably. 


Rival their corded equivalents  

Brushless motors and improved battery efficiency mean that corded tools have the power behind them to rival their corded equivalents. Brushless motors help to reduce friction, with less friction, the tool's performance increases. This means a higher number of applications can performed with one battery, allowing workers to get more done in less time.

Introducing the new SF 4-A22 cordless drill driver

Since introducing the SFC 22-A to our product line, it’s been a popular cordless tool across trades for our customers. We know you probably have a lot of great memories together with your SFC 22-A but the SF 4-A22 is a true innovation on a classic. All our tools are designed to keep you going; driving productivity and supporting you to get jobs done quicker, more efficiently, with improved safety and comfort. And now, we’re incredibly proud to introduce our latest product innovation, the new SF 4-A22. Get ready to make new memories with this versatile drill driver.

Time to make new memories with the SF 4-A22

Time to make new memories with the SF4 A-22

What makes the SF 4-A22 so great?


Introducing the new Hilti SF 4-A22 Cordless Drill Driver

Video INTRODUCING Hilti SF 4-A22 Cordless Drill Driver