Optimise your operations with Nuron’s networked, data-driven services

The new battery system provides you with the right information, for simplified device management

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Data Driven Services

High administrative overheads and lack of transparency about existing or required operating resources cost time and reduce your productivity. With Nuron, you'll always keep track of your assets. For this purpose, data on utilisation and performance are stored on the batteries and transmitted to the cloud during the charging process. This means you can make decisions about asset optimisation at any time.

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Nuron chargers capture battery and device data for more transparency

Nuron batteries and devices are connected to the Hilti cloud via the IoT. Sensors in our devices and batteries automatically capture information about location, utilisation, usage and faults, as well as the power status in Nuron batteries.

During each charge, the batteries transmit this information to the chargers and automatically transfer it to the Hilti cloud. This allows you to analyse the latest information at any time, to discover unused resources.




Battery power state

Connectivity increases productivity

A Hilti employee demonstrates the Nuron services to a customer using the BX 3-22 charger base

Better overview, better inventory

The 22v battery system provides you with more data about your tools. This includes performance status of batteries and info on tools which are not in use, so you always have an overview of your devices and can easily optimise your tool park. The result is fewer unnecessary purchases, predictive repairs and a fleet of equipment that aligns perfectly with your projects.

A Hilti employee demonstrates the Nuron services to a customer using the BX 3-22 charger base

Less downtime, less worry

Quickly check the status of your Nuron batteries – either simply by pressing a button on the battery or scanning it with the ON!Track 3 app on your smartphone. If a battery loses power, it is marked as defective and can be easily replaced.

The integrated diagnostics function allows you, as a fleet customer, to keep perfect track of all the information on battery performance. In the event your batteries suffer a loss of performance, you will automatically receive a message.

Discover our Hilti Nuron devices

Currently, more than 70 Nuron devices are available, with many more to come.

TE 30-22

TE 30-22 cordless SDS plus rotary hammer

This Hilti Nuron rotary hammer is lightweight yet still delivers maximum power and comprehensive safety features such as torque control (ATC) and active vibration control (AVR).

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DSH 600-22

DSH 600-22 cordless cut-off saw

Ready for anything: thanks to the powerful Nuron batteries and optimised saw blades, with two Nuron battery packs, you can cut as much concrete as with a tank full of fuel.

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AG 6D-22

AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder

Compact but powerful: The angle grinder tackles even the toughest tasks at twice the cutting speed and, thanks to its new function, offers the user maximum safety while doing so.

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From performance to health and safety – all the advantages of Nuron

Thanks to Nuron, you can get your business ready for the challenges of the future. Find out what other functions and benefits Nuron has to offer.

SID 6-22 battery replacement

One battery platform for more than 70 tools

From light to heavy duty applications, all Nuron devices can be operated on just one 22v battery platform.

DSH 600-22 cordless cut-off saw

Maximum power – more power and longer runtimes

Nuron delivers long battery life and the power of wired and petrol-powered tools, even for heavy-duty applications.

A person is doing overhead work, using the Hilti TE 4-22 cordless rotary hammer

Health and safety: protect your teams

With Nuron, we have come up with innovative solutions to ensure the highest possible levels of user safety.

TE 4-22 battery replacement

An overview of Nuron

Learn more about Nuron and the features its new Hilti battery system has to offer.

Nuron at a glance

Upgrading to Nuron

Want to implement simpler, data-based asset management in your operation? We can show you how to quickly and easily convert your current projects to the new 22v battery system.

Discover the advantages of Nuron for your projects

The Nuron battery system has been designed to meet the needs across a wide range of applications – from dry construction to industrial installations.

Nuron brings these innovations to your industry

Demolition work with the TE 2000-22

Structural and civil engineering

Nuron makes it possible for you to undertake heavy-duty applications without petrol or cables. The new battery interface also offers the performance of a power supply unit.

NPR 32 XL-22 cordless hydraulic pipe press tool with the Hilti Nuron B22-55 battery

Heating and air conditioning

Maximum performance with optimised weight: the improved Nuron tools facilitate overhead work and installations of all kinds. Thanks to the analysis based on data, you always know which devices are in use. 

Nuron cordless angle grinder cutting metal

Steel and metal construction

With up to twice the performance of existing battery-powered tools and offering improved ergonomics, our Nuron tools are perfectly suited to steel and metal work.

A drywall rail is attached to the ceiling using the Hilti Nuron BX 3-22

Interior design

Whether it’s grinding, cutting, sawing or overhead work: the robust batteries and ergonomically improved Nuron tools protect your employees, increasing their working comfort.

A person is using the Hilti Nuron SF 4-22 to drill

Electrical engineering

Thanks to having just one platform, you can operate a large number of the devices you need every day using a single battery system. This reduces charging pauses and increases your productivity, as well as flexibility on site.

Hilti Nuron SIW 6-22 cordless impact wrench in use

Energy and industry

Effective when working with steel, concrete or masonry: Thanks to Nuron, your employees in the field of energy and industrial plants can work safely and ergonomically, without compromising on performance.

The Nuron battery technology

The Hilti Nuron battery

Nuron batteries are designed to ensure high power transmission, so you can use them even for the toughest applications.

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Switching to Nuron

Find out how you can quickly and easily help your company switch to Nuron – or contact us directly for a personal consultation and further advice.

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