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Dust protection products from Hilti

Learn about the risks and how to we can help your business with dust control

Dust on construction sites is often underestimated and can lead to lost productivity, health issues and expensive tool repairs. Our dust protection products are designed to help your business work smarter when it comes to dust management. You can choose from a range of products that manage dust for drilling, cutting, demolition and other applications. You can explore the full range of products or get in touch with one of our dust management specialists on how we can manage dust on your jobsites.

Dust protection options for your site

High-suction wet/dry cordless vacuum with optional backpack for tool dust extraction, including with hollow drill bits.

Discover our full range of Cordless Vacuums

Wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning.

Discover the VC 40M-X Industrial Vacuum

Agile and light air cleaner for removing fine airborne particles during construction work.

Discover the AIC 1000 Air cleaner

Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) hammer drill bit for virtually dust-free drilling in concrete.

Discover the TE-CD (SDS Plus) Metric Hammer Drill Bit
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How can dust affect your business

Finances, downtime and health are the biggest threats from dust to your business. Health risks to employees is one of the biggest issues that firms face with dust control, as it can lead to short and long-term health problems. There is also the affect of dust on your tools. As more dust settles in your devices, this requires more cleaning and maintenance, while excessive dust can also lead to equipment failure due to overheating, excessive wear and blockages. As a result, this leads to frequent repair costs, and becomes more expensive when tool failure leads to downtime on site.

What types of construction dust are there?

Silica Dust

Occurs during drilling, cutting and chiselling in concrete, bricks, tiles and sandstone – in almost every application and common material on your construction sites, regardless of the industry.

Non-silica dust

Featured in products where silica is not found or only present in traces. This mainly includes cement, gypsum, limestone, marble and others. Non-silica dust can be mixed with silica dust when cutting or grinding multiple products.


Wood dust

Produced during the sawing, milling, drilling and sanding of wood. In the construction industry, wood dust mainly affects drywall and timber construction and is often underestimated.

How can I reduce construction dust?

Discover the options available for a virtually dust-free environment

  • It starts when you choose a dust-reducing approach for a particular job where possible - such as direct fastening and wet or damp processing of materials
  • Using dust extraction ports and accessories on tools, to collect dust at the source when using drills, saws or grinders, can reduce the amount of dust in the air when combined with a vacuum cleaner
  • When drilling into concrete, Hilti’s hollow drill bits allow you to drill and clean simultaneously. This offers virtually dust-free drilling when used with a compatible vacuum
  • And while working in common or restricted areas, air purifiers or air cleaners can help to remove fine dust particles during work in buildings that are used by people
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Advantages of removing dust from your sites

Our air cleaners are an excellent addition to our vacuums and help you remove airborne dust,  which isn’t captured at source, to prevent it from spreading any further. They help to remove fine dust particles, from silica dust containing building materials, which can remain in the air for up to two weeks. As a result, they can enter through the nose or mouth and stay very deep in the lungs - causing lasting damage.

The biggest advantage of our air cleaners is the long-term health of employees and reduction in absence from illness. In addition, compared to working in environments where dust isn’t actively managed, taking an active approach to managing dust can prolong the lifetime of your tools and equipment. It means less effort on cleaning and maintenance costs, while a cleaner site also means reduced prep time and efficient clear-down periods across all your jobs.

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