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Features & Applications

  • Upgraded load capacity – higher static tension and shear values mean you can specify the same cast-in channels for virtually any loading
  • Engineering and software support – you can use Hilti PROFIS Anchor Channel software and our engineering services team to streamline your design work
  • Designed for high-speed installation – end caps with nail holes, one-pull filler foam and many other features help to make these anchor channels faster and easier on-site
  • Available in stainless steel and hot-dip galvanised versions – helping to provide corrosion protection as needed for specific environmental conditions
  • Fastening curtain wall façade brackets to concrete slabs
  • Fastening overhead MEP installations and equipment
  • Fastening infrastructure in tunnels, including safety equipment and overhead lines (curved and stainless steel versions available)
  • Creating adjustable, retrofittable fastening points in concrete
  • Fastening in elevator shafts, such as fixing guiderails, sliding doors or divider beams

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