Features & Applications

  • Three sensor data overlay: radar, EM and Ferroscan for easy target object classification and depth calibration
  • Drill hole markers in true diameter and depth can be added and positioned in top and cross-sectional view and exported
  • Data export in various formats – 2D (BMP, JPG, ...) and 3D (DXF, COLLADA, PLY, X3D, ..)
  • Subsequent scan data analysis and data management on a PC for PS 1000 X-Scan and PS 200/250 Ferroscan
  • Advanced processing software with comprehensive evaluation and analysis features using different migration types as well as various calculation and visualization parameters
  • Scan positions can be labeled with building coordinates and exported for accurate scan placement in design files or repositioned later on-site with layout tools
  • Creates an accurate 3D model of what is actually in the concrete structure and allows integration in the BIM platform in order to facilitate more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and reliable project planning to support design, refurbishment or extension of existing structures
  • Non-destructive inspection and analysis of concrete structures, creation of assessment reports and documentation for structural analysis and as-built checks
  • Exporting X3D scan files for import into PROFIS Anchor, thus allowing conflict-free anchor and base plate design
  • Allows export of scan data for use with popular design applications such as AutoCad, Trimble SketchUp and many more

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