Features & Applications

  • Faster – installed in 10 seconds: peel, stick, done!
  • Tested for ethernet, optical fiber, telephone security, emergency, alarm, Romex®, metal-clad and power cables
  • Simpler – sealant-free with no backfill
  • Versatile – for virtually all applications involving low-voltage and mid-voltage cables, conduits (plastic and metal) and base materials (gypsum, concrete, masonry and wood)
  • Suitable for membrane or complete through-penetrations
  • Pre-formed firestopping solution for single cables and small cable bundles in openings up to max. 25 mm
  • All cable types currently and commonly used in building practice in Europe (e.g. power, control, signal, telecommunications, emergency and optical fibre cables)
  • For use on drywall, masonry and concrete
  • Suitable for a broad range of low-voltage and mid-voltage cables
  • Suitable for plastic and metal conduits

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