Hilti wedge anchors are available in three different performance levels

What's the right wedge anchor for my job?

Wedge anchors are available in three different lines

This three-tier system is designed to make it easy for you to choose the right wedge anchor solution based on the performance, approvals and price needs, maximizing your overall productivity when setting anchors in cracked or un-cracked concrete. 

Wedge anchors

Ultimate HST3 wedge anchor

Ultimate wedge anchor

  • Ultimate performance wedge anchors offering highest performance in safety critical applications
  • Broader set of approvals such as ETA for un-cracked and cracked concrete, fire, shock and seismic
  • Suitable for applications such as structural baseplates, secondary steel (e.g. balconies, canopies, staircases), curtain wall and demanding MEP
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Premium HSA wedge anchor

Premium wedge anchor

  • Premium performance wedge anchors offering high performance for non-demanding conditions
  • ETA approved for un-cracked concrete
  • Suitable for large range of applications in un-cracked concrete
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Standard HSV wedge anchor

Standard wedge anchor

  • Standard performance wedge anchors offering Hilti quality at economical price
  • Suitable for non-structural applications when no approvals are required
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