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DC-EX 125/5"M

Original operating instructions

Information about the operating instructions

About these operating instructions

  • Read these operating instructions before the product is used or operated for the first time. This is a prerequisite for safe, trouble-free handling and use of the product.
  • Observe the safety instructions and warnings in these operating instructions and on the product.
  • Always keep the operating instructions with the product and make sure that the product is accompanied by these operating instructions only, when the product is given to other persons.

Explanation of symbols


Warnings alert persons to hazards that occur when handling or using the product. The following signal words are used:
  • Draws attention to imminent danger that will lead to serious personal injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potential threat of danger that can lead to serious injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property.

Symbols in the operating instructions

The following symbols are used in these operating instructions:
Image alternative Comply with the operating instructions
Image alternative Instructions for use and other useful information
Image alternative Dealing with recyclable materials
Image alternative Do not dispose of electric equipment and batteries as household waste

Symbols in illustrations

The following symbols are used in illustrations:
Image alternative These numbers refer to the illustrations at the beginning of these operating instructions.
Image alternative The numbers in illustrations refer to important work steps or to components important for the work steps. In the text, the corresponding numbers draw attention to these work steps or components, e.g. (3) .
Image alternative Item reference numbers are used in the overview illustration and refer to the numbers used in the key in the product overview section.
Image alternative This symbol is intended to draw your special attention to certain points for handling the product.

Product-dependent symbols


The following symbols are also used:
Image alternative Wear protective goggles while working with the tool.
Image alternative Wear ear protection while working with the tool.
Image alternative Wear protective gloves while working with the tool.

Product information

Image alternative products are designed for professional users and only trained, authorized personnel are permitted to operate, service and maintain the products. This personnel must be specifically informed about the possible hazards. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
The type designation and serial number are printed on the rating plate.
  • Write down the serial number in the table below. You will be required to state the product details when contacting Hilti Service or your local Hilti organization to inquire about the product.
    Product information
    DC-EX 125/5"M
    Serial no.:


Safety instructions

Image alternative WARNING! Read all safety precautions and instructions in this documentation and the safety instructions of the approved tools. Failure to follow the safety instructions and other instructions can result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Keep all safety precautions and instructions for future reference.
  • Wear personal protective equipment and always wear protective goggles.
  • Use respiratory protection to keep residual dust away from the face and airways when working.
  • Even when the hood is fitted, always use the side handle of the approved Hilti power tool.
  • Wear protective gloves when changing the accessory tool.


Product overview

Image alternative
  1. Connector
  2. Locking catch
  3. Front clip
  4. Carriage plate with cutting line indicator
  5. Catch
  6. Carriage plate
  7. Wheels
  8. Cover
  9. Direction-of-rotation arrow
  10. Side-handle attachment point
  11. Back panel
  12. Carriage plate
  13. Positioning mark for fitting to angle grinder
  14. Depth gauge scale
  15. Locking screw
  16. Direction of rotation indicator for positioning the angle grinder

Slitting adapter set (accessory)

Image alternative
  1. Spacing adapter
  2. 3 mm spacing washer
  3. 6 mm spacing washer
  4. Break-out tool

Intended use

The DC‑EX 125/ 5" M slitting hood is for cutting and slitting mineral materials, particularly masonry, with 125 mm / 5" wheels in combination with a Hilti dust extractor. Use of the DC‑EX 125/ 5" M slitting hood is permitted only with the angle grinders for which this slitting hood is recommended in your operating instructions. Use of the DC‑EX 125/ 5" M slitting hood is permitted only when water is not used.

Items supplied

Slitting hood
Other system products approved for use with this product can be found at your local Hilti Store or at:

Technical data

Technical data

DC-EX 125/5"M
1.35 kg
Disc diameter
125 mm
Slitting width with twin discs
25 mm
Maximum cutting depth
28 mm

Diamond cutting discs

Diamond cutting disc
Cutting, slitting

Before use

Fitting the hood

Image alternative
  1. Fit the guard on to the arbor collar so that the two triangular marks on the guard and on the power tool are in alignment.
  2. To bring the hood to the desired working position, pivot the device radially while pressing the catch on the angle grinder.
    • The catch engages with an audible click.

Opening hood

Image alternative
  1. Press the catch.
  2. Open the front clip.
  3. Press the locking catch.
  4. Open the hood.

Fitting the diamond cutting disc for slitting applications

The use of Kwick-Lock nuts for this application is not permitted.
For this application you need the slitting adapter set, which is additionally available.
Image alternative
  1. Remove the clamping flange for the arbor.
  2. Screw the adapter on to the arbor and tighten it securely.
  3. Insert a diamond cutting disc, observing the specified direction of rotation.
  4. Fit the spacer rings for the desired width between slits.
  5. Insert a diamond cutting disc, observing the specified direction of rotation.
  6. Screw on the clamping nut and tighten it securely with the pin wrench.
  7. Close the hood.

Fitting a diamond cutting disc

Image alternative
  1. Fit the clamping flange on to the arbor.
  2. Place the first diamond cutting disc on the clamping flange.
    Observe the specified direction of rotation.
  3. Screw on the Kwick-Lock nut until it is seated against the cutting disc.
  4. Close the hood.

Setting depth

  1. Release the locking screw.
  2. Push the back panel to the desired position.
    • The scale shows the group.
  3. Firmly tighten the locking screw.

Plunge function

  1. Position the carriage plate on the work.
  2. Switch on the tool.
  3. Guide the cutting disc into the work.
    You can disable the plunge function with the locking screw.

Fitting the side handle

Image alternative
  • Fit the side handle on the desired side.


Wall and corner accessibility

Image alternative
  1. Press the locking catch.
  2. Open the front clip more than 180 °.

Marks for cut positioning

Mark 1 indicates the position of the inner cutting disc or single disc, as applicable.
Mark 2 indicates the maximum slitting width (max. position of the second disc).

Removing the accessory tool

Image alternative
  1. Open the hood.
  2. Open the clamping nut.
  3. Remove the diamond cutting disc.
  4. Remove the spacer rings.
  5. Remove the diamond cutting disc.
  6. Use the pin wrench to release the adapter.
  7. Press the catch on the angle grinder.
  8. Turn the hood radially until it can be removed from the tool.

Breaking out the fillet

Image alternative
  • Break out the fillet.

Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Please contact your local Hilti representative if you have questions about the warranty conditions.