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Original operating instructions

Information about the operating instructions

About these operating instructions

  • Warning! Read and understand all accompanying documentation, including but not limited to instructions, safety warnings, illustrations, and specifications provided with this product. Familiarize yourself with all the instructions, safety warnings, illustrations, specifications, components, and functions of the product before use. Failure to do so may result in electric shock, fire, and/or serious injury. Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.
  • Image alternative products are designed for professional users and only trained, authorized personnel are permitted to operate, service and maintain the products. This personnel must be specifically informed about the possible hazards. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
  • The accompanying documentation corresponds to the current state of the art at the time of printing. Please always check for the latest version on the product’s page on Hilti’s website. To do this, follow the link or scan the QR code in this documentation, marked with the symbol Image alternative.
  • Ensure that these operating instructions are with the product when it is given to other persons.

Explanation of symbols used


Warnings alert persons to hazards that occur when handling or using the product. The following signal words are used:
  • Draws attention to imminent danger that will lead to serious personal injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potential threat of danger that can lead to serious injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property.

Symbols in the operating instructions

The following symbols are used in these operating instructions:
Image alternative Comply with the operating instructions
Image alternative Instructions for use and other useful information
Image alternative Dealing with recyclable materials
Image alternative Do not dispose of electric equipment and batteries as household waste

Symbols in illustrations

The following symbols are used in illustrations:
Image alternative These numbers refer to the illustrations at the beginning of these operating instructions.
Image alternative The numbering reflects the sequence of operations shown in the illustrations and may deviate from the steps described in the text.
Image alternative Item reference numbers are used in the overview illustration and refer to the numbers used in the key in the product overview section.
Image alternative These characters are intended to specifically draw your attention to certain points when handling the product.

Product-dependent symbols

Symbols on the product

The following symbols can be used on the product:
Image alternative The tool supports near-field communication (NFC) technology compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

On the product

Laser information
Image alternative Laser class 1 based on standard IEC / EN 60825-1:2014 and corresponding to CFR 21 § 1040 (Laser Notice 56).

Product information

Image alternative products are designed for professional users and only trained, authorized personnel are permitted to operate, service and maintain the products. This personnel must be specifically informed about the possible hazards. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
The type designation and serial number are printed on the rating plate.
  • Write down the serial number in the table below. You will be required to state the product details when contacting Hilti Service or your local Hilti organization to inquire about the product.
    Product information
    BX-SH B3
    Serial no.

Declaration of conformity

Image alternative
The manufacturer declares, on his sole responsibility, that the product described here complies with the applicable legislation and standards.
The technical documentation is filed here:
Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH | Tool Certification | Hiltistrasse 6 | D-86916 Kaufering, Germany


General safety instructions

Image alternative WARNING! Read all safety precautions and other instructions. This product can present hazards if handled incorrectly. Failure to comply with the safety instructions and other instructions can result in damage to the product and/or serious injury.
Keep all safety precautions and instructions for future reference.
Work area safety
  • Keep your workplace clean and well lit. Cluttered or poorly lit workplaces invite accidents.
  • Do not operate the product in explosive atmospheres, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust.
  • Keep children and other persons clear when the product is in use.
  • Use the product only within its specified limits.
  • Comply with your national accident prevention regulations.
Electrical safety
  • Do not expose the product to rain or moisture. Penetrating moisture can cause short circuits, electrical shock, burns or explosions.
  • Wipe the product dry before stowing it in the transport container.
Personal safety
  • Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common sense when operating the product. Do not use the product while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. A moment of inattention while operating the product can result in serious personal injury.
  • Avoid unusual body positions. Keep proper footing and balance at all times.
  • Wear personal protective equipment. Wearing personal protective equipment reduces the risk of injury.
  • Do not render safety devices ineffective and do not remove information and warning notices.
  • Avoid accidental starting. Make sure that the product is switched off before inserting batteries and before picking it up or carrying it.
  • Use the product and accessories in accordance with these instructions and in the way specified for this special type of tool. Take the working conditions and the work to be performed into account. Use of products for applications different from those intended could result in hazardous situations.
  • Do not allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security and do not flout the safety rules, even if you are familiar with the product after using it many times. Caress handling could cause serious injury within fractions of a second.
  • Do not use the product in proximity to medical devices.
Using and handling the product
  • Use the product and accessories only when they are in perfect working order.
  • Store products out of reach of children when not in use. Do not allow persons who are not familiar with the product or these instructions to operate it. The product is dangerous if used by inexperienced persons.
  • Maintain the product carefully. Check that moving parts operate satisfactorily and do not jam, and make sure that no parts are broken or damaged in such a way that the product might no longer function correctly. Have damaged parts repaired before using the product. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained products.
  • Do not under any circumstances modify or tamper with the product. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Hilti may restrict the user’s authorization to operate the product.
  • Check the accuracy of the product before using it for important measurements, and if it has been dropped or subjected to other mechanical stresses.
  • Due to the measuring principle employed, the results of measurements can be negatively affected by certain ambient conditions. These include, for example, the proximity of devices that produce strong magnetic or electro-magnetic fields, vibrations and temperature changes.
  • Rapidly changing measuring conditions can falsify the results.
  • When the product is brought into a warm environment from very cold conditions, or vice-versa, allow it to become acclimatized before use. Big differences in temperature can lead to incorrect operation and incorrect results.
  • When adapters or accessories are used, make sure they are mounted securely.
  • The product is designed for the tough conditions of jobsite use, but as with other optical and electrical products (e.g. binoculars, spectacles, cameras) it must be handled with care.
  • The specified operating and storage temperatures must be observed.

Additional safety instructions

  • Laser radiation in excess of Class 1 can be emitted if the product is opened without correct procedure being followed. Have the product repaired only by Hilti Service.
  • Never aim the product against the sun or other powerful light sources.
  • Do not aim the laser at other persons and do not aim it at bare skin at close range.
  • Switch the product off when it is not in use.
  • Do not use the product in very bright conditions. The arc cast by the laser must remain visible. Darken or shade the working area if necessary.
  • Check the accuracy of the product if it has been dropped or subjected to other mechanical stresses.
  • Keep the laser aperture clean to avoid measurement errors.
  • Comply with national health and safety requirements.

Electromagnetic compatibility

Although the product complies with the strict requirements of the applicable directives, Hilti cannot entirely rule out the possibility of interference to the product caused by powerful electromagnetic radiation, possibly leading to incorrect operation. Check the accuracy of the device by taking measurements by other means when working under such conditions, or if you are unsure. Likewise, Hilti cannot rule out the possibility of interference with other devices (e.g. aircraft navigation equipment).

Careful handling and use of batteries

  • Remove the batteries from the product if it is to remain unused for a lengthy period of time. Batteries can corrode and self-discharge during prolonged storage.
  • Make sure that batteries are inaccessible to children.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries. Always replace all batteries at the same time. Do not mix batteries of different makes or types.
  • Do not use damaged batteries.
  • Use only the battery type intended for this product. Use of other batteries may create a risk of injury and fire.
  • When changing batteries, make sure that polarity is correct. There is a risk of explosion.
  • Do not allow batteries to overheat and do not expose them to fire. Batteries can explode and release toxic substances.
  • Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Do not solder batteries into the product.
  • Do not discharge batteries by short-circuiting. Batteries can develop a leak, explode, catch fire and injure persons.
  • Do not damage batteries and do not attempt to take batteries apart. Batteries can develop a leak, explode, catch fire and injure persons.


Product overview

Image alternative
  1. Laser exit window
  2. Selector ring
  3. On/off button
  4. Release button
  5. Securing screw
  6. Holder

Intended use

The product described is a laser. It is designed exclusively for use with the BX 3 cordless fastening tool. When mounted on its BX‑SH B3 (01) holder and with a certain distance preset, the laser enables speedy pinpointing of the position where the next fastener is to be driven.

The product is intended for indoor use.

Items supplied

Laser, 3x AA batteries (not in all markets), operating instructions
Other system products approved for use with this product can be found at your local Hilti Store or at:

"Battery state of charge low" indicator

If the battery state of charge drops below 10 %, the laser diode emits a certain sequence of flashes:
Time of occurrence
Light signal
Just after being switched on
Flashes 5×
In operation
Flashes 5× (every 5 minutes)

Technical data

Projected radiuses
300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm
(11.81 in, 15.75 in, 19.69 in, 23.62 in, 31.50 in)
Accuracy (Fastening tool not pressed against surface)
-15% ... +5%
Laser class
Automatic power-off
≈ 6 min
Battery life
at +20 °C (+68 °F): 15 h (typical)
Power source
3× AA battery (1.5 V)
Voltage range
2.7 V … 5 V
Maximum average power output (p)
≤ 600 mW
Weight including batteries
266 g
(9.38 oz)
Weight with holder and including batteries
354 g
(12.49 oz)
Dimensions, laser (length × width × height)
103.6 mm × 70.1 mm × 76.4 mm
(4.079 in × 2.760 in × 3.008 in)
Dimensions, holder (length × width × height)
85.4 mm × 100.7 mm × 137.3 mm
(3.362 in × 3.965 in × 5.406 in)
Maximum humidity without condensation
Ambient temperature for operation
0 ℃ … 50 ℃
(32.0 ℉ … 122.0 ℉)
Storage temperature
−15 ℃ … 70 ℃
(5.0 ℉ … 158.0 ℉)


Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the product.

Operating the appliance for the first time

The BX-S is delivered with batteries pre-installed (not in all markets). In preparation for operation you must first remove the strip of insulating film that protects the batteries against premature discharge.
  1. Open the lid of the battery compartment.
  2. Remove the insulating film.
  3. Position the lid lugs first on the battery compartment and close the lid. The lid snaps closed with an audible click.

Please change batteries

Image alternative
  1. Open the lid of the battery compartment.
  2. Insert three AA batteries into the battery compartment.
    • Make sure that polarity is correct.
  3. Position the lid lugs first on the battery compartment and close the lid. The lid snaps closed with an audible click.

Installing holder

Risk of injury by pinching the fingers when installing the holder!
  • Wear suitable hand protection when installing the holder.
Image alternative
  1. Open the securing screw.
  2. Slip the holder round the fastening tool.
  3. Tighten the securing screw.
  4. Check correct installation.
    • The slots in the holder must be in exact alignment with the air vents of the fastening tool.

Installing/removing laser

Image alternative
  1. Install the holder.
  2. Position the laser with the front retaining lug on the holder.
  3. Then press the laser with the rear retaining lug on to the holder, so that it engages with an audible click.
  4. Check that both retaining lugs of the laser are securely engaged in the holder.
  5. To remove, press the release button on the laser and disengage it from the holder.

Using laser

Risk of injury caused by the laser beam! Laser light can be emitted in an uncontrolled manner.
  • Do not use the product if a lens or the laser exit window is broken or if the arc cast by the laser has an unusual appearance (sections that are too bright or too dark, laser arc interrupted, etc.).
Danger due to incorrect use! Falsified measuring results can lead to incorrect driving of the fasteners.
  • The product is an auxiliary tool and is not a substitute for a measuring tool. It is suitable only for approximate measurement and cannot supply exact measured values. Take the measuring tolerances that occur into account in use.
  • Use the BX‑S laser only with the associated BX‑SH B3 holder mounted on a Hilti fastening tool of the BX 3 product series.
  • Use the fastening tool only with the magazine support leg and note that the fastening tool must be held accurately at right angles to the working surface.
  • Use the laser only on surfaces that are as level as possible.
Image alternative
  1. Press the on/off button to switch the laser beam on.
    The laser shuts down automatically if 6 minutes pass without a fastener being driven.
  2. Turn the selector knob to the desired distance.
  3. Drive a fastener (see the operating instructions for the fastening tool).
  4. To drive the next fastener, advance the fastening tool on the working surface to where the laser arc is over the exact center of the fastener driven beforehand.
    The correct radius is shown only when the fastening tool is not pressed against the working surface.
  5. Drive the next fastener.
  6. Continue repeating steps 3 to 5 until there are no more fasteners you want to drive.
  7. Press the on/off button to switch the laser off.

Care and maintenance

Care of the product
  • Carefully remove stubborn dirt.
  • Blow dust off the laser exit window. Do not touch the laser exit window with your fingers.
  • Use only a slightly damp cloth to clean the housing. Do not use cleaning agents containing silicone as these can attack the plastic parts.
  • Check all visible parts and controls for signs of damage at regular intervals and make sure that they all function correctly.
  • Do not use the product if signs of damage are found or if parts malfunction. Immediately have the product repaired by Hilti Service.
  • After cleaning and maintenance, install all guards and protective devices and check that they are in full working order.
To help ensure safe and reliable operation, use only genuine Hilti spare parts and consumables. Spare parts, consumables and accessories approved by Hilti for use with your product can be found at your Hilti Store or online at:

Checking accuracy

  1. Mark a point (with a cross) on a level surface.
  2. Correctly install the laser on the fastening tool.
  3. Position the fastening tool with the muzzle centered on the cross marked beforehand.
  4. Switch the laser on and set it to a distance presetting of 300 mm.
  5. Apply three more marks on the projected laser circle to the right, left and above the initial mark.
  6. Switch the laser off and lay the fastening tool aside.
  7. Now measure the distances between the initial mark and each of the three new marks.
    • The deviation of each point should not be more than -15 % to +5 % of 300 mm.
    • If deviation is outside this tolerance, consult Hilti Service.
  8. Repeat steps 4 to 7 for all other radius settings (400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm).

Transport and storage

  • Prior to each use and before and after prolonged transport, check the product for damage.
  • Store the product and the batteries in a cool and dry place. Comply with the temperature limits stated in the technical data.
  • Never leave the product or batteries in direct sunlight, on sources of heat, or behind glass.
  • Store the product and batteries where they cannot be accessed by children or unauthorized persons.
  • Prior to each use and before and after prolonged storage, check the product for damage.


If the trouble you are experiencing is not listed in this table or you are unable to remedy the problem by yourself, please contact Hilti Service.
Trouble or fault
Possible cause
Action to be taken
Laser does not work.
The batteries are exhausted.
The batteries are inserted incorrectly.
Strip of insulating film not removed prior to initial use.
The temperature is outside the permissible range.
  • Bring the product slowly to the permissible range for operating temperature.
On/off button or laser faulty.
  • Contact Hilti Service.
Incorrect measured results
Dirt or foreign matter between holder and fastening tool or between holder and laser
  • Clean the fastening tool, the holder and the mount of the laser.
Holder not correctly installed on fastening tool or laser not correctly installed on holder
  • Remove the holder and the laser and install both products correctly.
Laser diode faulty or knocked out of alignment by an impact
  • Contact Hilti Service.
Fastening tool not held perpendicular to the surface.
  • Position the fastening tool exactly at right angles to the surface. Use the magazine support leg.


Risk of injury. Hazards presented by improper disposal.
  • Improper disposal of the equipment may have the following consequences: The burning of plastic components generates toxic fumes which may present a health hazard. Batteries may explode if damaged or exposed to very high temperatures, causing poisoning, burns, acid burns or environmental pollution. Careless disposal may permit unauthorized and improper use of the equipment. This may result in serious personal injury, injury to third parties and pollution of the environment.
  • Dispose of the batteries in accordance with national regulations.
Image alternative Most of the materials from which Hilti tools and appliances are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, your old tools, machines or appliances can be returned to Hilti for recycling. Ask Hilti Service or your Hilti representative for further information.
In accordance with the European Directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment and its implementation in conformance with national law, electric tools or appliances that have reached the end of their life must be collected separately and returned to an environmentally compatible recycling facility.
Image alternative
  • Do not dispose of electronic measuring tools together with household waste.

Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Please contact your local Hilti representative if you have questions about the warranty conditions.