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For use with concrete, masonry or natural stone

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Available to shop from premium and ultimate class products, our diamond core drill bit options are built for applications with concrete, masonry or natural stone. You can also choose products suited to hand-held drilling as well as full-rig setup for hands-off coring and tasks.  

If you need precision, coupled with accessories and bits that help you get the job done efficiently, then our range of diamond products will help you do exactly that – across both wet and dry applications. You can also choose from additional sizing, diameters and other characteristics on each individual product page where relevant

Are Hilti diamond core drill bits and accessories compatible with other brands?

Yes they are.

Providing the tool has the relevant connection end (e.g. BI, BL, BS, BR, BT etc.), adaptor, or otherwise, they can be used with products from other brands. But for the best experience, and to maximise the impact of both the tool and the drill bits, we highly recommend use with Hilti products.

Our tools and their respective inserts are optimised for use together, especially when used in concrete or masonry, to get the job done right.  

If you want to see any of our diamond products in action, you can get in touch via the Contact Us page and request a demo.