How to reduce dust when chamfer grinding concrete

The first virtually dust-free solution on the European market

Whether you’re grinding a sharp edge for safety or adding a design feature to an exposed wall, there’s no doubt about it – chamfer grinding is messy. By wearing down concrete to form a 45° angle, workers are often faced with a blanket of dust that can be detrimental to their health – especially those working in concrete forming or pre-cast factories. At Hilti, we know how important it is to put the safety of your workers first, which is why we’ve developed the only virtually dust-free solution to chamfer grinding on the European market.

But before we jump in, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about dust…


Unfortunately, yes. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that more than 500 people die each year from inhaling silica dust, while approximately 4,000 people die every year from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). Silica dust particles – found in concrete, tile, brick and mortar and many other construction materials– can cause lung cancer, incurable silicosis and asthma, even if a small amount reaches the lungs.



If your employees are off sick with dust-related illnesses, the resulting staff shortages will most certainly reduce jobsite productivity. But what about the time it takes to seal off the area before you start working with concrete? Or the damage dust can cause to fixtures and fixings that you may need to replace? It can also delay other trades that need to avoid dust such as electricians and plasterers, as well as delaying handover with time-consuming clean-ups. And that’s without the potential damage dust particles can do to your tools, leading to costly repairs and frustrating downtime. With dust impacting nearly every stage of the job, it’s more important than ever to find a solution that resolves these problems. 


Gone are the days of leaving dusty grinding work until no one else is around. Our brand-new Chamfer Hood, which clips onto the Hilti DGH 130 Diamond Grinder, offers a virtually dust-free solution to chamfer grinding concrete walls, columns and blocks. Simply attach the hood and one of our Hilti vacuum cleaners to the DGH 130, and the dust will be automatically removed without any human contact – keeping everyone on the jobsite safer. Other features include:

  • The hood’s two components give you the option of a vertical or horizontal shroud and the choice of four clip-in size guides – offering maximum flexibility and precise control
  • Made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic for extra durability
  • Size guides are light grey in colour to prevent marking on the concrete

For safety reasons, the Chamfer Hood must be used in conjunction with our new turbo cup wheel. Segmented cup wheels can catch on the concrete edges and cause injury, which is why our turbo cup wheel has a safer continuous rim. Plus, because it doesn’t hit against the edges, it vibrates significantly less and gives you much better control without chipping the concrete.


Sound like the perfect fit? For virtually dust-free chamfer grinding that’ll increase both safety and productivity, there’s no better solution than our Hilti Chamfer Hood. Pick and choose the inserts you need or opt for our complete starter kit for flexible grinding straight away. Looking for other ways to reduce dust on-site? Don’t forget to check out our Hilti Dust Removal Systems for all applications.