Enable Health and Safety with Nuron

Help increase jobsite safety by reducing the potential risk level of common jobsite hazards

Everyday construction tasks can be hazardous, so there's no room for compromise when it comes to the safety of your employees. Work-related injuries not only affect your construction workers, but they can also cause downtime and delay, which can be costly.

Nuron cordless solutions help deliver safer tools with unmatched safety features and interconnected intelligence to help avoid or correct unsafe behaviours and conditions.

Cutting-edge Nuron health and safety solutions

Immediate tool shut off when operator's hand is removed

New touch-activated SensTech technology improves upon commonly used tool features, including the side switch and paddle switch. With SensTech, the tool immediately shuts off if an operator's hand is released from the grip.

Decrease wrist injuries caused by tool kickback

With specialised sensors paired with a motor break system, 3D Active Torque Control (ATC) helps reduce tool kickback that can be caused by a disc that is bound in material. 

Avoid dropped tools while working at heights

The majority of Nuron cordless tools are tether ready and tested to the latest safety standards.

Nuron cordless tools to help get the job done more safely

AG 6D-22 cordless angle grinder

One of the safest cordless grinders in the industry, the AG 6D-22 is equipped with SensTech and 3D ATC technology to automatically shut off when the operator's hand is removed or with uncontrolled movement in any direction.

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TE 60-22 cordless rotary hammer

Whether you're drilling or chiseling, the TE 60-22 includes ATC for better protection against uncontrolled spinning and AVR for increased comfort. And for even more dust control, add our integrated Dust Removal Systems (DRS).

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VC 10-22 cordless vacuum cleaner

Go hands free with our innovative VC 10-22 cordless vacuum, enabling safer working and greater productivity. With the new Bluetooth Module, you can remotely start and stop at the touch of a button. With the user-friendly display and touch panel, you’ll be notified when the suction power is below the optimum L/S.

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60,000 +

fatal accidents
every year on construction sites around the world [1]

450,000 +

workplace deaths
each year due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [2]


of work-related illnesses every year [3]

100 %

of all jobsite injuries
are avoidable

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Jobsite management

A well organised jobsite can be safer and more productive

Improper tool park management and poor safety practices are some of the top causes of jobsite injuries.

Having better visibility of tools and safety processes can help provide key analytics to ensure jobsites are running safely and smoothly.

With our intelligent cloud connectivity and tool management solutions, we can help analyse and enhance jobsites with battery and tool usage analytics as well as tool park optimisation.