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Discover Hilti engineered breakers and demolition hammers for increased productivity, reduced dust exposure and vibration on the job. 

With impressive hammering power and exceptionally low vibration, Hilti concrete breakers and demolition hammers take all kinds of demolition work in their stride. Add a self-sharpening Hilti polygon chisel to experience a clear boost in productivity and performance. Trust us when we say once you’ve tried one of our demolition breakers, you won’t want to use anything else.

Whatever the application you’re working on, we have the right breaker for the job. Our tool innovations are designed with your health and safety in mind. Make sure to fit our unique TE DRS-B dust removal system for a virtually dust-free jobsite – reducing risk for yourself, your workers and the surrounding environment. Read on to find out why Hilti concrete breakers and demolition hammers should be your first choice. 

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AVR For Breakers

How Active Vibration Reduction helps minimise exposure to vibration

When you work on heavy-duty applications with breakers and demolition hammers, exposure to vibration is part of the job. Regular long-term exposure can lead to health problems, disrupting circulation in the hands and forearms, causing damage to nerves, tendons, muscles, bones and joints.

Hilti Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) is available across a wide range of our tools, including our breakers. Reduced vibration means reduced health risk – and increased productivity!

Thanks to our AVR system, workers do not feel as tired as when using conventional breakers and are allowed to work for longer on the tools before reaching HSE exposure limits. With some of our breakers, such as the TE 1000-AVR, you can work a full 8-hour day on the tool with significantly reduced risk.

AVR Improvements in Hilti breakers

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71 mins

Time to EAV
TE 1000-AVR (Generation 01)

284 Mins

Time to ELV
TE 1000-AVR (Generation 01)

120 Mins

Time to EAV
TE 1000-AVR (Generation 02)

480 Mins

Time to ELV
TE 1000-AVR (Generation 02)

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Reduce dust exposure when breaking

When it comes to dust, size matters. While larger particles are filtered out by the mouth and nose, very fine dust can get into the airway and even to the farthest reaches of the lungs.

The silica dust released when breaking concrete is particularly hazardous – excessive exposure can cause many health issues, including lung cancer, asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung disease called silicosis.

The good news is, we have a solution. You can help keep your workers safe and ensure compliance with dust-related regulations by using the TE DRS-B dust removal system with our breakers. As well as health and safety gains, minimising dust on the job site helps to increase productivity and reduces wear and tear on tools and consumables. 

25 Years of Dust Innovation At Hiltii

25 Years of Dust Innovation At Hilti

A complete system for breaking and dust management

Our Dust Removal Systems (DRS) are highly effective, removing up to 98% of hazardous inhalable dust at source, so are perfect for indoor use. The result: a virtually dust-free job site.

All the system’s components are perfectly matched to maximize the amount of dust removed. The vacuum removal system is attached at the chuck and can be easily matched to the type of chisel being used.

We know you take health and safety seriously – it’s a commitment we share. That’s why we have spent many years researching dust removal and developing innovative solutions.

Dust regulations at national and supranational level are designed to protect employees from excessive exposure to harmful levels of dust concentration. Hilti Dust Removal Systems (DRS) help to ensure you comply with regulation. More importantly, it helps keep you and your workers safe.

Select the right demolition hammer for you


TE 300-A36 Application

TE 300-A36 for cordless chipping

The world’s first cordless breaker – perfect for overhead work, wall applications and tile removal.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 3.6 J impact energy
  • Low vibrations, 7.9 m/s2 
  • Improved productivity due to more mobility - no trailing cables or search for power source
  • High battery capacity and short charging time - get a full day's work done on a single charge
  • Brushless motor delivers high performance and low maintenance
TE 500 Applications

TE 500-AVR for light chiselling

The ideal breaker for light chiselling and tile removal, providing higher performance and more comfort.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 8.5 J impact energy with industry leading impact rate of 3510 bpm 
  • Low vibrations, 6.8 m/s2
  • Detachable power cord makes it easy to fix the most common breakdown of a damaged cord yourself
  • Highly robust cuck and double sealing to prevent dust intake
  • Hilti engineered in-tool airflow keeps temperatures down and significantly extends lifetime of the tool

TE 700-AVR for serial renovation

Best choice for heavy serial chipping in concrete. Designed for long working time due to extremely low vibration.

Advantages at a glance:

  • 11.5 J impact energy
  • Low best-in-class vibration 6.5 m/s2 due to Hilti AVR technology
  • Much longer working time (4 h 44 min) until ELV is reached compared with other similar tools 
  • Brushless motor extends the period between repairs
  • Innovative ergonomic design for better balance and easy handling
  • Double-chamber sealing to prevent dust intake into the tool