Piping, heating and ventilation applications

We offer a wide range of modular support systems for typical applications, including pipe supports, cable trays, duct runs, electrical panel boxes, shelters and overhead medical.

All our products are designed to be efficient and flexible to use onsite.

Hilti MQ modular support system for medium-heavy duty applications


Hilti's piping modular support systems for the construction industry are flexible, efficient and work for light to heavy-duty conditions and seismic areas. Find out which one is most suitable for your build.

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Hilti heating applications fixed point slider MFP


Our Hilti modular system together with fixed points, sliders, rollers and proper axial guidance gives a safe and reliable solution for the challenges of thermal expansion.

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We offer a complete solution for ventilation applications – from air duct pipe rings to complex rooftop engineered framing designs. Our Hilti modular system is a great alternative to welding and is easy to handle, flexible and light in weight.

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Medical equipment support solutions

Medical equipment support solutions

The Hilti medical support solution offers a simple solution to support medical equipment without rework coordination of existing systems, the ability to maximize operating room productivity with no welding required, and the space for large diffusers and air handling units to allow for more air changes to mitigate risk of infection.

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