We help ensure guests’ safety and protect your assets with our passive firestop solutions

Fire protection with our passive firestop solutions for hotels

The best hotels aspire to make their guests’ stay unique and unforgettable. A guest must feel safe and be able to enjoy the same comforts as at home. As customer expectations for this comfort level have evolved over time, so too have hotel services and facilities. From kitchens now serving food 24/7 to extra power outlets installed for all the electronic devices modern guests bring, hotels today must contend with a wave of unforeseen fire hazards.


This ever-increasing complexity, combined with construction works during renovations and the dense concentration of people increase the risk of fire outbreaks. After a fire starts, smoke can spread rapidly through any penetrations in walls and floors, compromising the occupants’ safety and causing significant asset damage. Even seemingly insignificant gaps - such as the cavity between the floor slab and the façade or small openings for pipe runs – can make it easy for smoke to spread, despite the cellular layout of a hotel. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the entire structure is protected against fire and smoke.

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Active fire protection, such as fire detectors and sprinklers, is not sufficient to ensure the complete fire safety of a hotel and its occupants. Additional passive measures, including a reliable firestop system, are the key to ensuring that people and assets are protected against fire and smoke, and your hotel fully complies with legal requirements.

Passive firestop systems are designed to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases after a fire starts. Containing the fire in the room of origin maximizes the evacuation time, minimizes the physical damage and the potential interruption of operation. In addition, reliable fire protection systems with verifiably high standards can help to prevent any negative impact on a hotel’s reputation after an incident.


Discarded cigarettes, a defective smartphone or a problem with the cooling system: there are many potential sources for fire outbreaks. Gaps around pipes, cables and ducts facilitate the rapid spread of smoke and toxic gases.


We offer industry-leading passive fire protection systems with a wide range of high-end solutions suitable for new hotels as well as renovation, maintenance and upgrading projects of any size:

  • Electrical installations in service areas or guest rooms
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Hot and cold-water supply
  • Waste water disposal systems
  • Sprinkler systems and more.

Our products protect against fire and smoke, but are capable of much more. They are also designed and internationally tested to improve building acoustics and movement, protect buildings from mold and mildew and enhance sustainability.

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