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Dynamic composite beam design

Our Shear Connector Design software helps engineers to easily perform composite beam designs according to Eurocode standards. Manage your design workflows from the detailed design phase to project documentation.

Ready for your unique designs

Whether you’re working on a new design with standard steel beams and profiled sheeting or a delicate rehabilitation project with existing steel profiles, Shear Connector Design can help you to efficiently design the best solution.

All you have to do is enter critical design input and restraints, define load combinations and position connectors. Then the final report will show you your calculation descriptions, designs and drawings to help installation on the job site.

With our Shear Connector Design, you can:

  • Increase your productivity. Forget makeshift spreadsheets or complicated structural design suites – now you can perform calculations in minutes, without sacrificing safety or precision.
  • Increase your profitability. Maximse your jobsite investment with a competitive, reliable, and approved alternative to time consuming welded studs.
  • Be confident that you’ll get Hilti expertise throughout the process. Installers are guided throughout the installation by the positioning indications in the report - and you’ll be able to focus on the next project. And in case of doubt, our Sales and Engineering resources are always here to assist you.  

Customise designs and precisely calculate:

  • Internal and edge beams in simply supported configuration, with customisable steel profile geometry and steel grade
  • Lightweight and standard concrete
  • Solid slab (with or without haunches) and slab with profiled sheeting
  • Distributed loads, line loads and point loads
  • Propped and unpropped conditions at the construction stage
  • Plastic design with full and partial degree of connection
  • Bending moment and shear resistance checks, including web and lateral torsional buckling verifications

Create and archive project data

Our Shear Connector Design helps to make documentation easy. Save, revisit and edit projects in a customisable environment.

Share within your network

Save your project, export and share with your colleagues. No need to install anything - your colleagues will just need to visit our local website, register and start using the application.

Be safe and compliant

On any project, safety and reliability are delivered by using the right design code together with the right compliant product. Our Shear Connector Design offers you both. It uses the latest versions of local standards Eurocode 4 and ETA 15/0876 in combination with the only nailed shear connector in the market provided with full compliance to EN1994-1-1.

BIM service

Hilti engineering design services

If you don’t want to design your project yourself, our in-house engineers can calculate and design shear connectors for you. Just contact your local customer service team for more information.

ACCESS our shear connector design software ONLINE

Our Shear Connector Design Software is a free, cloud-based tool. There’s no download necessary, simply register or log in to your account.


  • Licencing: Single User Licence
  • Compatible with: Chrome and Firefox
  • System requirements: can run on Chrome and Firefox