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  • Improve efficiency – minimised lead times and a fixed delivery date help you keep your project on schedule and on budget
  • Safety and code compliance – your team of Hilti Engineers works with the latest design codes, helping you to meet safety and quality requirements
  • Value engineering included – the design you receive has been refined to help you minimise the costs and labour required for installing MEP systems
  • Support on demand – Hilti’s team of experienced Field Engineers and Back Office Engineers can help find solutions on your jobsites or in your office
  • All-in-one collaboration platform – easily keep track of all projects you work on with Hilti, including 24/7 transparency of costs, filesharing, communication, requests, clarification and service output
  • Engineering service providing a detailed project calculation, bills of material and CAD drawings for MEP support structures
  • Detailed documentation –calculation reports, shop drawings and bill of materials in PDF, DWG and PROFIS format are provided as standard
  • Customisable service – tell us your project’s needs and we’ll design a system of modular MEP supports specifically for them

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