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Features & Applications

  • Carbide-tipped teeth – essential if you want faster cuts and a longer lifespan when cutting tough metals like stainless steel or cast iron
  • Longer lasting – tungsten carbide teeth give these blades the durability and heat resistance to get through bigger jobs with fewer blade changes
  • Heavy-duty construction – special tooth geometry and fewer teeth-per-inch help these blades to cut tougher materials with ease
  • Faster cuts – engineered to cut through stainless steel and cast iron faster than bimetal or diamond grit blades
  • Three lengths available – choosing the right length based on the shape of your workpiece can increase comfort and efficiency
  • Faster cuts through tough metals – including stainless steel, cast iron and high-alloyed steel thicker than 7 mm (> 1/4")
  • Cutting thick structural steel

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