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Concrete scanners and sensors

Find concrete scanners for precise, non-destructive structural analysis and detecting hidden objects, and concrete sensors for accurate concrete information in real-time

Find concrete scanners for precise, non-destructive structural analysis and detecting hidden objects, and concrete sensors for accurate concrete information in real-time
PS 85 Wall scanner Easy-to-use wall scanner and stud finder for hit prevention when drilling or cutting near embedded objects
PX 10 Transpointer Precise transpointer to detect entry and exit points, as well as the distance between them
PS 300 Ferroscan system Concrete detector for rebar localisation, depth measurement and size estimation in structural analysis


It’s easy to hit a hidden object when you’re working on a jobsite.

So, our Hilti detection systems are designed to find pipes, live wires or rebar and avoid hitting them when you drill, core, saw or cut.

Our range of cordless detection tools and systems are shock, dust and water-resistant, each having a specific application, for example:

  • Finding metal and non-metal embedded objects in concrete, bricks, masonry and other base materials.
  • Non-destructive structural inspection of rebar – estimate depth of concrete cover, location, size and dimension of rebar.
  • Pipes – find metal and non-metal pipes, such as PVC.
  • Live wires – locate electrical conduits.
  • Other objects – find wood, structural steel reinforcement, post-tension cables (PT cables), pre-stressed tendons (PS tendons), concrete beams and more.
  • Discover complex layouts of multiple embedded objects over large areas – this is particularly useful for large structures such as bridges or tunnels.
  • Accurately detect the exact drill hole entry or exit point and easily determine the drill bit length required based on the measured slab/wall thickness.

This all helps to avoid hitting an embedded object and damaging drill bits.


Hilti PS 250 Ferroscan detection system

Structural analysis and inspections

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan detection system

Concrete drilling, coring, sawing and cutting

Hilti PS 200 Ferroscan detection system

Building acceptance inspections

Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan detection system

Seismic upgrades

Using Hilti detection tools and software has many benefits:

  • They are used in a non-destructive manner.
  • They help to improve safety and avoid accidents onsite, such as cutting through a live wire or PT cable.
  • They also help to avoid project delays and reduce the risk of costly structural damage, repairs or rework.


It’s important to detect embedded pipes, rebar, cables and other hidden objects before you start to drill, core, cut or saw – to avoid hits, damage and potentially costly repairs:

  • Rebar – if you drill into rebar, the structural integrity is endangered and you can damage your own tools' drill bits.
  • Post-tensioned tendon (PT cable) – if you drill into PT cable you can destroy the structural stability and safety of the building. It’s also life threatening, because if a tendon is split into two, it can move out of the concrete structure very quickly and hurt people.
  • Electrical conduit (live cable) – you can get an electric shock and severely hurt yourself or even be killed.
  • Water pipe – if you drill into a water pipe or water-filled voids you can damage the building due to leakage.
  • Wire mesh – if you drill into wire mesh, structural beams, anchors and other embedded objects you can also cause costly damage.

The best Hilti detection systems to deal with these situations are:


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