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Features & Applications

  • Low-profile design for easier access to tight spaces
  • Cutting with low noise and low debris
  • Designed for precise cutting
  • Glass-fibre reinforced casing – up to four times more resistant to damage from dropping and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures than standard ABS plastic
  • Built-in LED light provides a shadow-free view of the cutting area
  • Cutting metal installation channels and pipes with reduced sparking and low noise
  • Cutting plastic pipes
  • Cutting threaded rods
  • Cutting 1" and 2" EMT pipes
  • Cutting 1 5/8" MQ channels


Hilti Tool Service
Hilti Tool Service

3 days or free

  • Servicing is free of charge for up to 2 years, including wear and tear, pick-up and delivery
  • After the no-cost period, repair costs are capped
  • 3-month no-cost period after each paid repair
  • One click or call is all it takes – we do the rest
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Fleet Management
Fleet Management

We manage your tools so you can manage your business.

  • Monthly usage fee covering all tool, service and repair costs helping to ensure absolute cost control and back-office efficiency.
  • Individual labels and online visibility provide tool fleet transparency
  • Theft coverage helps to reduce financial risk and unexpected expenses.
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Set yourself free from noise and hot works permits

With the new SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw for cutting metal

Cutting metal on-site can often be a bit of a faff with hot works permits to contend with and noise levels to be managed. With the new SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw, all these worries become a thing of the past!

Designed for Plumbers and Electricians, this neat new saw has the power and capacity to take on virtually all your typical metal cutting applications without any of the hassle.

It's virtually silent with very low noise emissions and when paired with its cold cutting blade, there's no sparks either - saving you time and keeping your Health and Safety Manager happy too!

Versatility and precision

SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw for cutting metal
1 / 2

Capable of cutting up to 63.5 mm, the SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw can take on virtually all Mechanical and Electrical trade metal cutting applications.

SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw for cutting metal
2 / 2

The SB 4-A22 Cordless band saw is prefect for cutting metal profiles, pipes, tubes, channel and any other metals including aluminium and stainless steel.

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