General subscription portal

What is the HILTI subscription portal and How can I access it?

Step 1

The Subscription Portal from Hilti is designed for customers to manage their software subscriptions and users within the subscriptions self-service. It shows you all important details about your subscriptions (subscription ID, purchase order number, next renewal date, license quantity, etc.).

Step 2

The Subscription Admin* can easily access the subscription portal by clicking on the link in the activation email received after ordering or log in to HILTI website (with HILTI credentials) and click on “Your subscriptions”.

what can i as a subscription admin do in the subscription portal?

Step 1

In the Subscription Portal click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side to find the following 2 options:

  • Manage users
  • Manage Subscriptions

Step 2

Under the tab “Manage Subscription” the Subscription Admin can manage the following:

  • transfer admin rights of the subscription to another admin 
  • change purchase order number
  • change payment method (if available in your MO)
  • read software and service agreement 
  • cancel subscription for the next renewal

For more details, please check the software product specific sections. 

How can I activate my subscription?

Step 1

After ordering a subscription the  Subscription Admin* will receive an activation email to activate the subscription. Click on the action button ‘Proceed to Accept the Agreement’.

Step 2

In order to activate the subscription and be able to start using the software, read the legal terms and conditions from Hilti, accept the agreement and click on the button ‘Activate Subscription’.

* Subscription Admin is the person who purchased the subscription. This person can manage the company users and licenses

Step 3

Your subscription is activated, and you can directly start using the software.  

How can I transfer Admin rights?


In the subscription portal under “Manage subscription” tab it is possible to transfer the subscription Admin rights to another person in case the Admin is leaving the company or wants to make another person an Admin. Please follow the steps described:

1.Click on the three dots of the subscription you want to change the Admin for.

2.Click on Manage Subscription. 

3.Then click on Transfer Admin rights.

4.Change the Admin by selecting him / her from the list shown in the pop-up or add a new person to the list.

Please Note:

-When a contact person is already added to the subscription as a user, the Admin can see and choose this person from the list so he/she will be the new Subscription Admin.

-If the contact person that should be the new Admin is not yet added to the subscription, and therefore can not be found in the list, then the Subscription Admin can click on ‘Create New Contact’. After that, this person will be visible in the list and can be selected to become the new Subscription Admin.

subscription portal

How can I check my billing details or download the software agreement?

In the Subscription Portal under “Manage subscription” tab you can easily download your signed agreement, check billing details and edit the Purchase Order Number.

 Please follow the steps described below:

1.Click on the three dots of the subscription for which you want to edit or view information. 

2.Then click on Manage Subscriptions. 

3.To change the purchase order number please click on the “Edit” button.

4.To see your invoices click on “View invoice” button.

5.At the end of the page you can read the Software Agreement. 


subscription portal

Why can’t i see my subscriptions in the Subscription portal?

•Did you use the right email address to log in?

•Are you the admin of the subscription?  

•Has the Admin left the company without transferring the Admin rights to another person?

•Have you logged in on the HILTI website of your country of registration? You should log-in on the HILTI website for the country you chose during your registration (e.g. for USA, for United Kingdom, etc.)