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Information about the documentation

About this documentation

  • Read this documentation before initial operation or use. This is a prerequisite for safe, trouble-free handling and use of the product.
  • Observe the safety instructions and warnings in this documentation and on the product.
  • Always keep the operating instructions with the product and make sure that the operating instructions are with the product when it is given to other persons.

Explanation of symbols used


Warnings alert persons to hazards that occur when handling or using the product. The following signal words are used:
  • Draws attention to imminent danger that will lead to serious personal injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potential threat of danger that can lead to serious injury or fatality.
  • Draws attention to a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to slight personal injury or damage to the equipment or other property.

Symbols in the documentation

The following symbols are used in this document:
Image alternative Read the operating instructions before use.
Image alternative Instructions for use and other useful information
Image alternative Dealing with recyclable materials
Image alternative Do not dispose of electric equipment and batteries as household waste

Symbols in the illustrations

The following symbols are used in illustrations:
Image alternative These numbers refer to the corresponding illustrations found at the beginning of these operating instructions
Image alternative The numbering reflects the sequence of operations shown in the illustrations and may deviate from the steps described in the text
Image alternative Item reference numbers are used in the overview illustrations and refer to the numbers used in the product overview section
Image alternative This symbol is intended to draw special attention to certain points when handling the product.

Product-dependent symbols

Symbols on the product

The following symbols are used on the product:
Image alternative Measure / Continuous measurement
Image alternative Area measurement / Units
Image alternative ON / Delete / OFF

Product information

Image alternative products are designed for professional users and only trained, authorized personnel are permitted to operate, service and maintain the products. This personnel must be specifically informed about the possible hazards. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
The type designation and serial number are printed on the rating plate.
  • Write down the serial number in the table below. You will be required to state the product details when contacting Hilti Service or your local Hilti organization to inquire about the product.
    Product information
    Laser range meter
    Serial no.

Declaration of conformity

We declare, on our sole responsibility, that the product described here complies with the applicable directives and standards. A copy of the declaration of conformity can be found at the end of this documentation.
The technical documentation is filed here:
Hilti Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH | Tool Certification | Hiltistrasse 6 | 86916 Kaufering, Germany


Basic information on safety

In addition to the information relevant to safety given in each of the sections of these operating instructions, the following points must be strictly observed at all times. The product and its ancillary equipment can present hazards if used incorrectly by untrained personnel or if used not in accordance with the intended use.
  • Keep all safety instructions and other instructions for future reference.
  • Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common sense when operating the product. Do not use the product while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. A moment of inattention while operating the product can result in serious personal injury.
  • Do not render safety devices ineffective and do not remove information and warning notices.
  • Laser radiation in excess of Class 2 can be emitted if the product is opened without correct procedure being followed. Have the product repaired by Hilti Service only.
  • Do not tamper with or attempt to make alterations to the product.
  • Before starting to use the product, always make sure that it is full working order.
  • Readings taken through panes of glass or similar materials can falsify the result of measurement.
  • People passing through the laser beam or other quick changes in measuring conditions can falsify the result of measurement.
  • Never aim the product against the sun or other powerful light sources.
  • Take the influences of the surrounding area into account. Do not use the device where there is a risk of fire or explosion.
  • Follow the directions for operation, care and maintenance in the operating instructions.

General safety measures

  • Check the product for damage before use. Have damage repaired by Hilti Service.
  • Check the accuracy of the product if it has been dropped or subjected to other mechanical stresses.
  • Although the product is designed for the tough conditions of jobsite use, like other measuring instruments it should be treated with care.
  • When not in use, products must be stored in a dry, high place or locked away out of reach of children.
  • The product is not intended for use by children.
  • Comply with national health and safety requirements.

Proper arrangement of the workplace

  • Avoid unusual postures when working on ladders. Maintain firm footing and balance at all times.
  • Secure the site where you are taking measurements and when using the product do not direct the laser beam toward other persons or toward yourself.
  • When the product is brought into a warm environment from very cold conditions, or vice-versa, allow it to become acclimatized before use.
  • Use the product only within its specified limits.
  • Keep the laser aperture clean to avoid measurement errors.
  • Comply with the national accident prevention regulations.

Laser classification for Class 2 laser products

The device complies with Laser Class 2 in accordance with IEC 60825-1:2014 /‌EN 60825-1:2014. These devices can be used without further protective measures.
Risk of injury! Do not direct the laser beam toward persons.
  • Never look directly into the source of the laser beam. In the event of direct eye contact, close your eyes and move your head out of the path of the laser beam.


Product overview

Image alternative
  1. Display
  2. Measure / Continuous measurement button
  3. Area measurement / Units button
  4. ON / Delete / OFF button
  1. Battery status indicator
  2. Last measured value
  3. Units
  4. Current measured value
  5. Measurement reference

Intended use

The product described is a laser range meter. It is designed for single measurements and for continuous measurement of distances.

Distances can be measured relative to all objects with a surface consisting of any normally laser-reflecting material such as concrete, stone, wood, plastic or paper. The use of prisms or other highly reflective targets is impermissible and, if attempted, can falsify the results.
The product is approved for use with batteries of type AAA.

Items supplied

Laser range meter, belt pouch, 2 batteries, quick-start operating instructions, manufacturer's certificate, safety instructions
Other system products approved for use with this product can be found at your local Hilti Store or online at: | USA:

Technical data

Power supply (2 x)
1.5 V
Measuring range
0.2 m … 60 m
Distance measurement accuracy
±1.5 mm
IEC 60529 protection class (dustproof and sprayproof)
IP 54
Operating temperature
−10 ℃ … 50 ℃
Recommended temperature range for transport and storage
−25 ℃ … 70 ℃
Weight in accordance with EPTA procedure 01
95 g
Battery (2 x)
Battery life (number of measurements), up to
Laser deactivation after
90 s
Device shutdown after
180 s


Preparations at the workplace

Inserting the batteries

Make sure that battery polarity is correct. Change the batteries only as a pair. Do not use damaged batteries.
Image alternative
  • Open the battery compartment and insert the batteries.

Switching the product on and off

Image alternative
  1. Short-press the ON / Delete / OFF button to switch the product on.
  2. Press the ON / Delete / OFF button for 2 seconds to switch the product off.

Switching the acoustic signal on and off

Image alternative
  • Simultaneously press the Area measurement / Units button and the ON / Delete / OFF button for 2 seconds to switch the acoustic signal on or off.

Working / Measurement reference

All measurements use the rear edge of the laser range meter as the reference point.
  • Hold the rear edge of the laser range meter against the point from which the measurement is to be taken.

Taking single measurements

Image alternative
  1. Press the ON / Delete / OFF button to activate the laser beam.
  2. Aim the laser beam at the target and press the Measure / Continuous measurement button.
    • The distance is shown in the display.
    Press the ON / Delete / OFF button once to delete the last measured values.
    Press the ON / Delete / OFF button again to return from area measurement to distance measurement.

Switching the continuous measuring mode on and off

Image alternative
  1. Press the Measure / Continuous measurement button for 2 seconds to activate continuous measurement.
    • The distance is shown in the display.
  2. Press the Measure / Continuous measurement button again to end the continuous measurement.

Measuring area

Image alternative
  1. Switch on the product.
  2. Short-press the Area measurement / Units button.
  3. Measure the length of the area by pressing the Measure / Continuous measurement button.
  4. Measure the width of the area by pressing the Measure / Continuous measurement button.
    • The area is calculated and the result is shown on the display.

Changing units

Image alternative
  • Press the Area measurement / Units button for 2 seconds to toggle from one unit of measurement to the other.


If the trouble you are experiencing is not listed in this table or you are unable to remedy the problem by yourself, please contact Hilti Service.

Fault codes

If a fault code appears, short-press the Measure / Continuous measurement button to return to the measuring mode.
Restart the product if the fault code does not disappear automatically.
If a fault code re-appears, use the table below to find the corresponding information for dealing with the problem.
  • Press the ON / Delete / OFF button to clear the fault code from the display.
Trouble or fault
Possible cause
Action to be taken
Calculation error
  • Take the measurement again.
Data-transfer fault
  • Repeat the procedure.
Temperature too high
  • Allow the product to cool down.
Temperature too low
  • Warm up to the product.
Battery voltage too low for measurement
Incoming signal too weak
  • Use a different target surface (e.g. white paper).
Measurement has taken too long
  • Use a different target surface (e.g. white paper).
Incoming signal too strong
  • Use a different target surface (e.g. white paper).
Too much background light
  • Shade the target area.
Measurement out of measuring range
  • Correct the measuring range.
Laser beam interrupted
  • Repeat measurement.

Care, transport and storage


  • Keep the laser lens clear of dirt and finger marks.
  • Clean the laser lens by blowing off dust or by wiping with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Use only pure alcohol or water for cleaning.


The batteries must be insulated or removed from the product before it is shipped or sent by mail.
  • Use the Hilti packaging or packaging of equivalent quality for transporting or shipping your equipment.

Storage and drying

  • Do not put the product into storage when wet. Allow it to dry before putting it away.
  • Observe the temperature limits given in the Technical Data section which are applicable to storage or transport of the equipment.
  • Check the accuracy of the equipment before it is used after a long period of storage or transportation.


Image alternative Most of the materials from which Hilti tools and appliances are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, your old tools, machines or appliances can be returned to Hilti for recycling. Ask Hilti Service or your Hilti representative for further information.
Image alternative
  • Do not dispose of power tools, electronic equipment or batteries as household waste!

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

Click on the link to go to the table of hazardous substances:
There is a link to the RoHS table, in the form of a QR code, at the end of this document.

Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Please contact your local Hilti representative if you have questions about the warranty conditions.
Image alternative
Image alternative