Anchor rods and anchor fixings

For fixing and fastening across a range of materials

HAS-U Anchor Rod

  • Anchoring in concrete and masonry
  • For capsule and injectable anchoring
  • Large range of anchor rod diameters
  • High-performance

Steel Grades -

5.8 Carbon Steel 5.8 Carbon Steel (HDG) 8.8 Carbon Steel 8.8 Carbon Steel (HDG) A4 Stainless Steel

HIT-Z Anchor Rod

  • Fastenings in cracked and uncracked concrete*
  • Anchoring structural steel connections
  • Suitable for very high loads
  • No hole cleaning required*

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel Multilayer Coating A4 Stainless Steel

HAS-TZ Anchor Rod

  • Suitable for fastenings in cracked concrete**
  • Highly flexible solution
  • Minimal sensitivity to dynamic loads
  • Minimal sensitivity to cracked concrete

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel A4 Stainless Steel High Corrosion Resistance

HIS-N Threaded Sleeve

  • For internally-threaded fastenings in concrete
  • Internally threaded to allow flush installation
  • Chisel tip to cut and mix the Hilti HVU capsule
  • High-performance

Steel Grades -

Carbon Steel A4 Stainless Steel

Why choose Hilti for anchor fixings?

Our anchor rods are used in a range of materials including concrete, cracked concrete, drywall, masonry and hollow masonry for various purposes. These rods, which are sometimes referred to as anchor bolts, are available in carbon or stainless steel – with an ultimate class rod that offers high corrosion resistance also available. In addition, our anchor rods can be used with an extensive range of chemical adhesives that you can add to your order when shopping with Hilti.

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You can shop our selection of rods that offer varying lengths to suit your job and application. We also have a number of anchor fixings that can be cut to a specified length upon request. Selected rods also include approvals and test reports for fire, BZS/shock, and ETA for total peace of mind on the job. So if it’s standard, premium or ultimate class anchor fixings that you need for adhesive capsules, injectable hybrid/ epoxy anchoring or more, choose one of the products above or shop from the full range.

*when used with HILTI HIT-HY 200

**When used in combination with Hilti HVU-TZ capsules