Jigsaw, Circular & Reciprocating Saw Blades

Also including starlock multitool blades and band saw inserts for versatility across your jobsite

Recip Saw Blades

Including heavy duty, flexible and long-life blades.

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Circular Saw Blades

Wood and metal circular saw blades that deliver fast and accurate cuts.

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Jigsaw Blades

Individual blades and packs available to cover everyday construction work.

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Multi Tool Blades

Starlock compatible inserts suitable with most brands for cutting performance.

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Band Saw Blades

Durable blades that offer low noise cold cutting on metal and plastic.

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Built to last on any site

Many of our products are carbide tipped to ensure better longevity and resistance to heat when working across a range of materials. Some of the other benefits also include the ability to perform cleaner cuts due to their strength, while also staying sharper for longer. This means you spend less time changing your inserts, and more time on the job.

And for cutting through metal, our cermet tipped blades offer significantly improved performance compared to regular blades or inserts. 

Our best reciprocating saw blades

Choose from premium and ultimate class blades that perform well for heavy duty use. This includes applications in materials such as brick, drywall, wood and metal. Sometimes known as recip saw blades, our reciprocating saw blades cover a range of tasks in many professions. So if you’re a firefighter cutting, a gardener pruning or a builder demolishing, we’ve got you covered.

Our best circular saw blades for your projects

These blades are suitable for use in plunge or circular saw tools and can be used in a range of materials – especially when you need to make controlled or precision cuts. These include wood, metal, cement board and more. Our premium and ultimate class products also deliver top performance when cutting to help your efficiency on site. 

Our best jigsaw blades for versatility

Covering everyday construction tasks, precision joinery and metalwork, some of our best jigsaw blades can tackle materials including plastic, plasterboard, wood and metal. With specialised blades available for curve cutting, or blades for unique materials,  you can have total versatility in your toolbox. 

Are Hilti tool bits and sockets compatible with other brands?

Yes, they are.

If you have a relevant connection clamp, shank or lock on your tool that supports our blades, it means they can be used with products from other brands. As most tools have universal fitting components for inserts, they should be suitable with our products. But for the best experience and to get more out of your blades, we highly recommend use with our own products where possible.

If you want to see any of our inserts in action, you can get in touch via the Contact Us page and request a demo.