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Designed to remove air pockets and ensure stronger concrete pours

NCV 4-22 cordless concrete vibrator

  • Vibration frequency: 15,000 VPM
  • Compact and agile
  • High-performance compaction
  • low-noise, low-vibration operation
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NCV 10-22 backpack concrete vibrator

  • Highly versatile concrete vibrator
  • Unbeatable mobility
  • Consistency and performance
  • Longer-lasting Nuron batteries
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Why buy Nuron

  • Power around 80 tools with a single battery
  • More work-per-charge
  • Built-in battery diagnostics
  • New and improved safety features
  • Last charged location*

Choose a vibrating concrete poker for big or small jobs

Our concrete poker tools, which are also known as a concrete vibrating poker, help to remove pockets of air and excess water in freshly poured concrete. These pockets can compromise the strength and integrity of concrete when it has been poured, while also having an adverse impact on how the new surface appears. We offer cordless poker tools that can handle large pours off a single charge, in addition to a smaller pencil vibrator that enables access to pours in small or hard to reach areas. All concrete pokers on the Nuron battery platform are cordless, so they can also be used indoors with less exposure to fumes, heat or engine noise. 

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*Fleet subscription and charger module required.

Why Nuron for battery powered vibrating pokers?

All our vibrating concrete poker products incorporate a brushless motor and the flexibility to do more thanks to a number of features. Vibrating pokers on our Nuron platform offer tools without compromise thanks to longer-lasting batteries, time-saving accessories, and a range of services to keep you and your business productive.