Ventilated faÇade solutions

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From design through to construction, find out how our team can support you with your next ventilated façade project.

Installation of ventilated curtain wall facades

Planning and Design

Energy-saving regulations are often a key factor when designing the optimum build-up and selecting the best substructure. We can support you with everything you require from planning through to the selection and installation of your façade. Reduce your costs with our full solution’s reduced heat transfer and passive-house certified thermal bridge-free design.

Whatever panel system you are working with, whether it be A1 rated metal cassettes or natural materials, we have a cost-optimised solution designed to meet your requirements. 

Why the right design is crucial

Building energy efficiency ranking

The trend in construction is towards increased thermal requirements and achieving low U-values, reducing insulation thickness. What does this mean for the selection of the substructure and the usable space within the building? Click below for more information.

Technical advice in the design phase

Static design calculations

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Our highly trained design team will take into account all your specific project requirements with regards to panel layout, statics and U-value, to create a cost-optimised system proposal.

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Hilti BIM/CAD library

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

With the help of our BIM/CAD library, you can incorporate Hilti solutions in your 3D building model in just a few clicks. 

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Technical advice in the installation phase

Static design calculations

Static calculations, documentation and installation plans

To make sure you have everything you need for an accurate and smooth installation, our design team will provide you with:
  • Static calculations and verifiable documentation for the substructure including the necessary anchoring and fastening materials for your façade project
  • Standard construction details
  • Installation plans for the entire substructure including profile cutting lists
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U-value calculations

U-value calculation

If thermal efficiency is a key requirement for your project, our design team can support you with:
  • Project-specific optimisation of the substructure to help achieve the required energy efficiency
  • U-value calculation of the wall structure taking into account the influence of the substructure
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Hilti measuring tool in action

Easy-to use outdoor laser meter with integrated viewfinder for measurements up to 200 m.

Discover our range of measuring solutions


Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

Get precise and rapid alignment of profiles with Hilti’s PR 30-HVS rotating laser, designed specifically for façade applications.

Discover the PR 30-HVS A12 Outdoor rotary laser level

Selecting the right bracket

Hilti Eurofox bracket

Our complete range of Hilti Eurofox brackets cover all U-value requirements

Whether you need a horizontal or vertical system, a floor spanning slab-to-slab option, a thermally efficient stainless steel bracket or a thermal bridge-free bracket; we have a complete range of Hilti Eurofox facade systems to meet your project specification.

Hilti Eurofox range of brackets


Fastening Brackets

Hilti offers the ideal fastening solution whatever your base material

Whether you are fastening onto steel, concrete, masonry, timber or another base material, we have a fixing solution to suit your needs.

When combined with our industry leading cordless tools and our optimised inserts, you can speed-up your installation and minimise HAVS and dust exposure.

Self-drill screws for metal HRD-H Anchors for concrete and masonry HST Stud Anchors for higher loads in concrete

Firestopping the cavity

Firestopping the cavity

Premium intumescent cavity fire barrier, ideal for ventilated and non-ventilated façades

Fully tested in conjunction with our framing system and designed for ventilated cavities up to 25 mm, our CP 674 intumescent cavity barrier will seal in under 3 minutes.

CP 674 V Fire cavity barrier (ventilated) CP 674 NV Fire cavity barrier (non-ventilated) Curtain wall and façade solutions


Fastening insulation

Thermal insulation can be easily and efficiently fastened into concrete or steel

We also offer a complete range of anchor or screw solutions for fastening insulation on all base materials. We can also offer a direct fastening option with our DX 5 stud setting tool and the X-IE insulation fastener which set new standards for safety and speed. 

Discover the range of insulation fasteners


Fastening Profiles

Choose the right profile for your substructure

We offer a wide range of profiles to suit your needs in terms of colour, shape and length.


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Installing Cladding

Cladding can be fastened using a visible or concealed system

Our Hilti Eurofox substructure system covers a wide range of possible panel fixation methods including riveting, screwing, hanger systems, clamps and much more. 

Discover our range of facade accessories RT 6-A22 cordless rivet tool


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Our new Hilti Eurofox system offers enhanced thermal performance, increased load bearing capacity and is easer than ever to install. The structural part of the bracket is made from aluminium (and can be structurally designed according to BS EN 1999), but now comes with a pre-installed thermal brake made from fibre reinforced composite.

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What we need from you

  • Checklist
    Every project has individual requirements. By filling out the checklist, this will enable our team to analyse your project and calculate it in detail according to your wishes.
  • View plans
    The substructure must be adapted to the properties of the cladding material. Based on your AutoCAD® drafts, we can adjust the calculations accordingly.
  • Relevant documents
    In order to provide you with the best possible solution, we need all the relevant documents for your project. These include, but are not limited, to vertical sections. 

Legal approval

Hilti can assist you in helping to ensure that the components of your ventilated façade system are legally compliant with national or European codes.

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  2. Send the completed checklist and further details

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Testing, Approvals and Certificates

Peace of mind for up to 30 years

Our ventilated façade system has successfully passed numerous statics, earthquake and thermal conductivity tests. In addition, our substructures are rated as corrosion resistant for up to 30 years.


CWCT Testing

The Centre for Window & Cladding Technology tests for external cladding systems demonstrate how well the cladding system will resist the everyday challenges it will face from the weather by testing how resistant it is to water penetration, impacts from objects hurled at the cladding system and its resistance to the strain of wind.

CWCT Certificate CWCT Test Report

BBA Certification

The British Board of Agrement (BBA) certification tests various aspects of the product, such as impact tests, fire reaction tests, production procedures and quality, the installation guidance etc. before stating that they are satisfied the product is suitable for numerous construction applications .

EuroFOX BBA Approval

Fire classifications: CP 674 Cavity Barrier

The Hilti CP 674 Cavity Barrier has been tested in accordance with both European and British test standards as well the Association for Specialist Fire Protection TGD 19 Fire resistance test.

TGD-19 - CP 674 Cavity barrier

Fox-T Thermal bridge-free bracket

The Fox-T thermal bridge-free bracket has been tested in accordance with both British test standard BS 8414 and BRE test BR 135. It also carries the Passive House certification.

BS 8414 - 2 - Fox-T Thermal bridge-free bracket BR 135 - Fox-T Thermal bridge-free bracket Passive House component certificate

ETA Approvals

The ETA is a document providing information about the performance of a construction product to be declared in relation to its essential characteristics, and is the basis for a Declaration of Performance.

ETA for HRD Frame anchor for fastening in concrete and masonry

CE Marking and ISO 9001

The CE marking, based on the EN 1090 certificate, is mandatory in the EU for many steel or aluminium elements.

ISO 9001 is the globally recognized standard for the certification of quality management systems.